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  1. Please vote for IRM!!

  2. Been a lot of light engine movements these evenings in Belfast on the Dublin line! Anyone know why this is?
  3. Excuse the ignorance lads, but what is the blanking plug for a loco? Got 230 for christmas from Hatton's and got a decoder with it, only got round to trying to get it running tonight and the instructions say to remove the blanking plug from the loco socket!
  4. Man in Black

    Anyone at Christy Moore in Belfast last night? Class performance from him and all the accompanying musicians!
  5. Ireland 1992

    http://www.lococarriage.org.uk/ireland_1992.html Found a great wee piece here on Irish Railways 1992. Belfast in particular is covered quite a bit, which is quite rare around those times maybe given the situation. Some great pics from Adelaide freight yard, all of which is now gone! Anyone know what is hiding between the cement silo in the picture taken from the top of Adelaide crane? Is it a hunslet?
  6. Videos

    Cracking pair of videos here taken on the Dublin-Belfast line!!
  7. Ticketbis website?

    Hoping to get tickets for Roma Juventus on 2nd March but tickets are basically sold out of their official website, ticketbis.net seems to be the only place where I can get tickets that aren't extortionately priced. However it looks pretty dodgy... Has anyone ever ordered tickets off this website? If so what was their experience like?
  8. Love/Hate Finale!!!!!

    Who watched it? Pretty gruesome ending allright! I wonder is there any chance of nidge surviving? And did north wall yard make a wee appearance in the capturing Fran scene?!
  9. Irish Orient Express!

    Looks like the Emerald Isle explorer may have competition! http://www.independent.ie/life/travel/travel-news/ireland-to-get-its-own-orient-express-30725822.html
  10. Cleaning track?!

    Hi lads, what's the best way of cleaning track? I've been running 220 and 177, and they aren't running that well, especially 177. I think it's probably because of dirty track, as I haven't used the layout in a while. I was thinking of getting one of those track cleaning wagons, but I've heard they're only really good for maintain clean track rather than actually cleaning dirty track. Any basic suggestions that don't involve me having to buy anything would be especially welcome!
  11. World Cup!!!!!!!!

    Well, with the world cup starting tomorrow and Ireland once again failing to reach it, who are we all going for? I'm supporting Croatia, great fans and possibly dark horses that could go quite far. Should be a great tournament anyway!
  12. mk2s Belfast

    Does anyone know when the last time the IE mark 2s were in Belfast apart from like going to Whitehead to get done up for RPSI was? And when they served as the enterprise, did the 201s or 071s run around at Central, or did they still go to York Road? Any pics of them up here in recent years would be excellent!
  13. Hey lads, was sorting out stock the other day and thought I'd take a few pics of some of my Eastern European stock! Featuring carriages from Russia, Poland, East Germany, Czech Republic and Belarus and a Czech loco as well. Got a lot of this 2nd hand so some of it isn't in the best condition. Hope you enjoy anyway!
  14. Just wondering really why all the non push-pull 201s are in storage and now surely condemned to never running again, but all of the 071s are still out and about? I'm not complaining at all about this, on the contrary I'm very grateful for the small bit of the variety we have from there being more than one type of loco, but surely it would have made much more sense to keep the 201s, a much younger loco?

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