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  1. Can't say I ever knew this happened! Anyone know why it was never continued?
  2. 201bhoy

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    Does anyone have any photos of the 141s on this line that they could upload? Didn't realise that it stayed open til the mid 1960s!
  3. 201bhoy

    Mothballed 201s Thread

    That's what I was wondering... timber trains just?
  4. 201bhoy

    Mothballed 201s Thread

    Plus there's the loco to work the Grand Hibernian in the summer! I wonder will there be a surplus of 071s if 201s will be working all of the IWT liners?
  5. 201bhoy

    Tara Junction.

    Great pics and realistic formation too! Pity Harp's not still brewed there, with the old marketing campaign, rather than this "pure here" drivel that they're doing now...
  6. 201bhoy

    The Drimnagh Road

    Anyone remember a website called the Drimnagh Road? It was by some fella who took in a load of the last passenger workings by mostly by 071s, to Sligo Galway and Westport etc. Looked it up the other day and it was nowhere to be seen, was disappointed because it was a good aul blog!
  7. 201bhoy

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Was there any reason the CPWs were used on the Waterford route in particular? Will be sad to see them go if the rumours are true!
  8. 201bhoy

    barrow street

    What an absolutely incredible layout. Encapsulates inner city Dublin so well! P.s. a couple of Dublin flags hanging out of flat/house windows might be good
  9. 201bhoy

    Please vote for IRM!!

  10. Big issue for me in that they're so readily available, so the attacks can be coming from anyone, such as young children, some of who clearly have no idea how dangerous what they're doing is! Need to be banned outright and more awareness needs to be raised around schools on the potentially fatal consequences.
  11. 201bhoy

    Tara Junction.

    Ah those two scenes are absolutely parful, fair play Noel!
  12. 201bhoy

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Fair play Noel, she's looking well!!
  13. Ah that must be it then, cheers!
  14. Been a lot of light engine movements these evenings in Belfast on the Dublin line! Anyone know why this is?

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