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  1. 201bhoy

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Was there any reason the CPWs were used on the Waterford route in particular? Will be sad to see them go if the rumours are true!
  2. 201bhoy

    barrow street

    What an absolutely incredible layout. Encapsulates inner city Dublin so well! P.s. a couple of Dublin flags hanging out of flat/house windows might be good
  3. 201bhoy

    Please vote for IRM!!

  4. Big issue for me in that they're so readily available, so the attacks can be coming from anyone, such as young children, some of who clearly have no idea how dangerous what they're doing is! Need to be banned outright and more awareness needs to be raised around schools on the potentially fatal consequences.
  5. 201bhoy

    Tara Junction.

    Ah those two scenes are absolutely parful, fair play Noel!
  6. 201bhoy

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Fair play Noel, she's looking well!!
  7. Ah that must be it then, cheers!
  8. Been a lot of light engine movements these evenings in Belfast on the Dublin line! Anyone know why this is?
  9. 201bhoy

    Installing a Hatton's 201 decoder

    Hope you enjoyed that cherry Wrenniere, just got sorted now thanks to this! Cheers
  10. Excuse the ignorance lads, but what is the blanking plug for a loco? Got 230 for christmas from Hatton's and got a decoder with it, only got round to trying to get it running tonight and the instructions say to remove the blanking plug from the loco socket!
  11. 201bhoy

    Murphy Models 121

    Anyone know what the craic is with the 121s? Seems to have gone very quiet on this front!
  12. Devastated, the ma's half of my family's from Belmullet. 5 years in a row now they've gone out in the most heartbreaking circumstances!
  13. 201bhoy

    Shannarch West

    Sounds like a great layout idea! Plan looks very good too, good luck with it!
  14. Anyone know when it's heading to Belfast for trials, and whether it'll go north of Belfast this year? Haven't heard anything to say it won't be other than on here!

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