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  1. Karl's Workbench

    Hi The ICR looks great I'm amusing the 121 is a white metal kit- the door panels and joins can be marked out with a scalpel and and then with an old blunt school compass point to make them a bit deeper, the lovers are another problem! I have wiped them down and am replacing with plastic cast ones.... Plastic cast louvres ready to go on to the valance Here are the windows with extra frame detail added with the dividers from the same school compass set Eoin
  2. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Hi JHB Incorporate a section of standard track into the layout for visiting locos, and keep a bit of stock to run with it, it could be an automatic straight shuttle section?? Layout just below eye level is right, but do keep in mind it's nice to be sitting down when running trains.... Eoin
  3. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Hi JHB Your existing J15 and the 141 should convert relatively easy, the 141 as far as I know has bogie sides that allow the wider wheel sets! Any new build can allow for at the onset..... C&L Finescale, Marcway, etc do parts to build yourself or build to order- although C&L are in a slow down with ownership change! and it costs a lot more.... Edit; Actually I'm told C&L are back up to usual speed You should talk to baseboard-dave on this he builds C&L layouts, there maybe a solution there! Eoin
  4. Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    CM I'd be in the switch box! there is a stove in there.... Eoin
  5. David's Workbench

    Excellent David Classic little model, I see the driver has weighted down the front end with the sacks of spuds.... Eoin
  6. Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    Yes definitely trains on the other planets! - back in early days Lowell was convinced he could see through the scope, canals and high speed railway tubes on Mars Eoin
  7. Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    Hi All Dark and cold winter nights setting in at Greystones..... Eoin & CM
  8. David's Workbench

    Hi David Lovely chassis, love the chain drive Where did you source the chain and sprockets? Eoin
  9. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Hi All Don't forget the Train & Model Fair is on this coming Sunday;- Info about the show can now be found on facebook @trainandmodelfair
  10. David's Workbench

    Hi David Can you post or pm a link to the photo of the control desk? Thanks Eoin
  11. David's Workbench

    Excellent David I think the smaller windows are correct, when the larger ones were installed it lost a scale quality.... Almost my favourite loco, have a few OO but must get doing an O Eoin
  12. G class diesel livery

    Hi david Also look out for the windows, see popeye's first photo of an early one- smaller windows to front and 3 of the same size across the back. Not sure if the Worsley Works 7mm etch has this if you are interested? Eoin
  13. G class diesel livery

    Hi David We had a discussion about livery on these lovely machines some time back and JHB gave livery info throughout, see link below- I was also caught out on that Tom Ferris photo, it's silver! the negative is old style and its colour is going off and it was printed as light blue..... Eoin
  14. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Hay Wrennie I think the gyro is a bit off on that drone Nice old bubbles though..... Eoin

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