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  1. murrayec

    CIE Locomotive Grey specification

    Hi jhb Their from Des in SSM In fairness to the chap who recommended Humbrol 27 said it was the starting point he would then weather & dirty it up. We plan to do the same to the J10..... I have been practising;- Eoin
  2. murrayec

    Interesting comments re CIE

    Hi FFT The above text is a cut n paste job from the original discussion on another forum- if you click on the link in the text, the context of the '3 foot GM' will be revealed Eoin
  3. murrayec

    CIE Locomotive Grey specification

    Hi Guys A chap on here in the J10 thread advised to use Humbrol 27 'Matt Sea Grey' Eoin
  4. murrayec

    Class 458 Build

    Excellent work Ken Best way to do projects, all together! each process assists in each project, and repetition makes the work better... I have Mr Bolton's book on building 0-6-0 J15 (British), excellent info. The tank loco one is on my to get list Eoin
  5. murrayec

    Bray Train & Model Fair

    Hi All Apologies for not having next months flyer at the Fair yesterday- two patrons were disappointed as they are collecting the flyers! Date is now confirmed;- I will also bring along flyers for this Fair, so that those two chaps will be able to complete the set! Eoin
  6. murrayec

    Train & Model Fair

  7. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    We had a boat, not the size your talking! it had a Volvo Penta Diesel- if you ran the engine for any considerable time and one was sitting down, one got 'white Bum' you know like 'White Finger' using a B&D mouse sander... Eoin
  8. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Yes Borithe the main problem with steam loco design, - build it big and hefty, replace it when it comes loose, and no need to change the existing design 'because it works'. This is the design ethos that got steam a bad name... Motor bikes got smoother when the Japs got involved with their lightweight engineering and more modern ways of thinking! I have a few British made 'Thumpers' - a 1961 BSA C15T 250cc single is the worst- at about 30mph the vibrations make it difficult to hold the bars, above that it smooths out again, then close to 60mph about as fast as I dared to go- your vision blurs, there is a brand new Alpha big end bearing kit installed n all! Eoin
  9. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Hi KMCE It's quartered, the chap who built the chassis has the left side leading The wheel balance weights are essential on large wheels to counter-balance the weight of the crankpin boss cast in the wheel, the crankpin, and the motions. The inside cylinder is far ahead of the outside ones because the drive is taken from the front axle and the radius rod driving the valve needs to be as long as possible to set up the correct motion angles with the combining and anchor links to control lap and lead to the valve ports..... Eoin
  10. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Spot on Broithe Could not have said it better myself, a bit of an engineer in yeah... Eoin
  11. murrayec

    Bray Train & Model Fair

    Hi all Don't forget the Train & Model Fair is on this coming Sunday Eoin
  12. murrayec

    Dugort Harbour

    Hi jhb Yes, and oil cans, oil cans all over the place- I forgot! Eoin
  13. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Hi popeye It all runs smoothly on test but the valve rod does have to much slop in its bore, as suspected! I will work out a sleeve solution on the second cylinder and then apply to both..... Here are a a few photos of the engine break gear and wheel balance weights erected, these cast iron wheels are really nice it seems such a pity to paint them! The break gear is 180deg soldered and the wheel weights were epoxied on, again like the tender I left a generous gap between the break shoes and wheel tyres for wheel removal for the painting work. Now to complete the other side valve gear..... Eoin
  14. murrayec

    Dugort Harbour

    Hi jb It would most likely be a tank in some form of bund- a structure that would hold the full contents of the tank should it leak. The bund walls would be about 1 to 1.2 meters high built of brick or block and lined inside with asphalt in the early days, constructed in concrete with no lining later on. The tank would stand on two rising walls within the bund and the tank would be at a higher level so that if the bund fills the tank would be above the full level and not float! It would not be in an enclosure like a building, generally open above the bund for ventilation. A small discharge metering valve located at one end with hose and standard nozzle would be the associated gubbins...... Eoin
  15. murrayec

    Class 495 Build

    Hi Ken A fantastic aid to lining- by Wild Swan Publications - 'A Modeller's Handbook Of Painting And Lining' by Ian Rathbone, and Wild Swan's first publication of this type in full colour..... Truly a must have item in the toolbox ISBN 978 1 905184 54 5 Eoin

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