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  1. murrayec

    8100 Class DART Gauge N

    Thanks MikeO I have 4 two car set bodies together but still developing the chassis, I had planned to use generic Kato chassis but the jigs for making the bodies was based off the Tomix, the one above, and they don't fit the Kato! and I cant even get the Kato chassis now so no point in making the jigs again. So it's going to be my own design chassis like the idea for the N 141- this is also delayed as I'm experiencing printing problems and table levelling problems on the CNC machine...... Eoin
  2. murrayec

    8100 Class DART Gauge N

    Here is a completed 8100 Class DART in Gauge N for a customer, it's the first one from the workshop after several months of mould making and trial-n-error. This one is on a Tomix chassis but the next ones will be on my own chassis with more DART like under frame gubbins- though the Tomix aren't half bad- just hard to get..... Directional lights work by using fibre optic wires from the LEDs on the chassis The model has pretty much the same detail as my Gauge OO DART model- NS handrails, roof vents, screen wipers, horn...... Just a few small touch-ups required and it's ready to go into service Eoin
  3. murrayec

    Dave182s Projects

    Excellent Dave128 Looks like a good kit, loads of bits, should look smashing..... Eoin
  4. murrayec

    Dave182s Projects

    Hi Dave182 Good man you got stuck in, everything looks fine so far😀 Show us a shot of more of the kit bits when you get a chance? Eoin
  5. murrayec


    Happy Birthday Broithe, your card is on the other thread! you can look now.... Eoin
  6. murrayec

    Class 800 Drawings

    Hi Ken Yes I'd love a digital copy of the scans when your done I'll forward your enquiry on to an IRRS man and see if any drawings are available Eoin
  7. Hi Gortalainn A small 4-4-0 chassis like the Fowler 2P Class could be a starting point? but you need to consider the alterations you will have to make to the SSM kit to get anything to fit- Peters Spares do this chassis at around £45 or so! but take a look at it on their site and I think you'll find your into some serious mods to it and the kit!- https://www.petersspares.com/hornby-h132-railroad-fowler-2p-440-loco-drive-chassis.ir A new 4-4-0 model will cost anywhere from £90 to £140- second hand at a guess €50.00 and it's second hand! Someone on here might know one more suitable but my reckoning is you are far better off saving up the dosh and get the right stuff and minimise the headache trying to hack it together for not much less or maybe your into the challenge😮 Model building is great fun Eoin
  8. murrayec

    Class 800 Drawings

    Excellent Ken Nice bit of drawing work, I've just done the same on the 800 valve gear I'm building for a chaps 'Macha' in Gauge O. The chaps on here were very helpful in sourcing drawings... Your full drawings of the loco will be a very helpful resource on here Eoin
  9. These can be very expensive, mine cost more than the digital unit above so if one sees them as Borithe says- grab it! Imagination Noel! gauges are not just used to set height of masking tape, they do have other modelling applications;- This is the set-up for lining with a rapidograph pen, the pens come in several thickness and many colours of ink, if one sets it up on a glass plate with loco and guides, slide it along and you get a beautiful line...... This is the same with the paint brush I cant find my pencil attachment, but I think it's clear how that one is done The same thing can be done with the above digital unit and height adjustment is far easier......... Eoin
  10. Hi Noel There is a very handy tool for this- a height gauge;- Full engineering model at around €100.00 it's nice and compact at 150mm high Or the economic versions, on the right is a Draper rule with height gauge at €5.00 and on the left is a Hickeys sewing gauge at less than a €5.00- the Hickeys has a plastic height gauge which is good for model protection from scratches and you can measure your sewing stitches with it!! Eoin
  11. murrayec

    Fry Model Railway

    Hi JHB Some time back myself and Mr Tierney- refer back in this thread, made representation to the Minister, the custodians, the local authority and the friends of the Fry Model- all to no avail. In my submission in the planning process I again offered assistance- I reckon what happened in the past has made the custodians vary guarded and they feel we just want to take away their goodies! With the limited size of the proposed facility I reckon the complete Fry Collection just will not fit. The hall for a Gauge 0 layout is restrictive in size, so as you say a Gauge 00 layout would seem more appropriate, of course there could be a O track incorporated to allow Fry Models run on special occasions- maybe! This would be sad and disappointing, but for the patrons that visit the new facility- they would not know the difference! Eoin
  12. murrayec

    Fry Model Railway

    See here Noel The layout stock that ran in the Castle was more Mr Tadhg's than Fry, the majority of the Fry models were in the display cases and storage- some of his diesels ran on the layout until they wore out the WM wheels..... Eoin
  13. murrayec

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Hi Borithe Add 2 years to the 50- a French man in America flew his- well it actually looked like a boat, 2 years before the W Brothers. I reckon the record books didn't credit him because he wasn't true American- if there is such a thing😗 (not including the Indians in that) Eoin
  14. murrayec

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Hi JHB I do stuff like that- drawings to cad, cut stuff out, make moulds to cast more, but time is the problem! A man gave me a box of kits to build n paint- I think you know him! so cannot look at anything major for years, but do pm me and let me know what you thinking..... Eoin
  15. murrayec

    David's Workbench

    Wow David Your elbow grease has done wonders Eoin

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