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    Ex BR loco fireman at 84C Banbury also at Bescot.
    Ex HGV driver
    Ex Transport Manager(poacher turned gamekeeper)!
    Ex full time staff at Boston Lodge and volunteer driver on Festiniog Rly
    Just gone semi retired hgv driver with Moy Park Foods.


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    Digby Lincolnshire


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    Turn of century American RR Colorado Midland and Irish railways!


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    Semi retired poultry food distribution executive aka. HGV driver and its a big un!!!

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  1. Mike 84C


    Love the narrow gauge photos, so much atmosphere thanks for sharing. Summer,the bad thing about loft layouts! and I thought my garage was warm.
  2. Mike 84C

    Converted H Vans

    Brilliant! Thank you very much, flange lubricator.
  3. Mike 84C

    Converted H Vans

    Would anyone have any idea of the number series for the H vans that were converted to bulk grain wagons? Mine has doors in the sides. I cannot see the numbers on the ones illustrated on p90 of Rails Through the West Limerick to Sligo by JHB. Thanks for any help. mick
  4. Mike 84C

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Looking really good, your carpentry on the baseboards is first class and I must remember the cocktail stick next time I solder droppers.
  5. Mike 84C

    David's Workbench

    Hi David, What a handsome loco, I'm with Eoin and Ken. Those that know will appreciate it for what it is. But, it is your loco so rule one does apply.
  6. Mike 84C


    Free time whats that? totally agree Ernie, how did we ever find time to earn a living. Mick
  7. Mike 84C

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    Hi Wrenneire, if Colin does not take all whats left please pm me. Brake 3rd and cattle wagons are of interest. Regards Mick
  8. Mike 84C

    C.B &S. C Baldwins

    Thank's for all your help and ideas guy's. I never really thought it would be a go'er but one lives in hope! The subject is maybe just a bit too esoteric so maybe I convert my Baldwin drawing to 4mm scale and do it the old fashioned way and scratch build. just don't expect photos of progress anytime soon. John, that nzfinescale is enough to tempt a man to change scale! beautiful castings and models. And now perchance to dream!! I wonder what happened to the DSER 2-6-0 that was floated as a kit how many years ago? Mick
  9. Mike 84C

    Cork in a Stunting Layout

    I have used cork floor tiles from diy store Wickes. The sealed ones used sealed side down, it does make a difference if a chassis is noisy. There is a company in Walsall who supply cork for all sorts of purposes Charles Cantrell. I bought 7mm thick strips that they sell as expansion joints for wooden flooring. They curve beautifully and two side by side are good for a single track main line. Browse their website for ideas. Just a satisfied customer.
  10. Mike 84C

    C.B &S. C Baldwins

    Thanks for that Colin, a friend of a friend does artwork for etching and I think that the designers time costs for producing the artwork will be out of my reach as a minimum of 20 would need to be sold to cover costs. But you never know! Regards Mick
  11. Mike 84C

    C.B &S. C Baldwins

    Is their any interest in an etched kit for one of the Baldwin 0-6-2 tanks the CB&SC had up to about 1914? I ask as I would like one for myself. And I am just testing the water!
  12. Mike 84C

    Items for sale

    Hi Whizz, Please pm me whats left could be useful for Bantry. Mic
  13. Mike 84C

    Media hysteria or not? Snow next week

    I'm just an old git but I started work December 1962 and the Midland Red always got the guys to work at the Aluminium factory in Banbury , even from villages 7/8 miles away, for a 6am start. I often cycled the 6 miles to work on BR in the snow and we had lots of it. I believe it lasted till late Feb/March. I think that these events are hyped up so that large numbers of the population stay at home so the authorities do'nt have to spend so much money on snow clearance , hey its a cost saving.The insurance companys take a hit and our premiums increase next year, so who pays ?! Maybe I should do more modelling!
  14. Mike 84C

    Lincoln Show

    Back this evening from a weekend at the Lincoln model railway show at Newark showground. Helped David Holman to run Arigna Town, had a really good w/e, a good exhibition and you all missed my pathetic antics with the shunting pole 'cos Arigna is three link couplings, all good fun though.
  15. Mike 84C


    Hats off to you guys; your standing in the model world is increasing by leaps and bounds. You deserve your success.

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