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  1. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Received my packs A,B,C and D yesterday really outstanding models well done guys.
  2. Kingsbridge - workbench

    That sounds like a great idea for kit Weshty , a fret with the vents (or complete sides) , the roof covers , the filler pipe casing and the fuel tanks.
  3. Heljan oil tank wagon

    I see oxford rail is also doing a B class tank wagon with a revised suspension I think this means the addition of J hangers which would make them the nearest yet to the Irish /CIE ESSO wagons and best of all Hattons are advertising them on pre order for £16.50 that makes them about €19.00!! https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/class-b-tank-esso-unbranded-black-revised-suspension-47792-or76tkb002
  4. Maybach Re-engined 201's

    There is also a nice picture of 233 on the 0500 Athy Cement ex Limerick passing Cherryville Junction in the IRRS journal no 65 Oct 1974 233 is in Supertrain livery with no GM headlight so it still had the Maybach engune fitted nice orange bubbles too .
  5. Cement by Rail

    In answer to your original question Stephen the cement Bubbles 25050 series were the first bulk cement (powder) wagons built in a number of batches starting in 1964 with the last ones being built in 1972 , these were added too by the arrival of the 12 bogie wagons 33001 series in 1979.In addition CIE built pallet cement wagons 28001 series starting in 1976/77 with steel doors being later converted to tarpaulin's these wagon's were used for bagged cement prior to these wagons being used, bagged cement would have been transported in 12 ton covered wagons of 'H' Vans.
  6. Cement by Rail

    Well if its on Wikipedia it must be true , I said 1979 from my recollection , i was on a IRRS visit to Inchicore Works on July 1979 and that was the first occasion I and a few others came across them sitting there lined up brand new having just arrived , the only loco adapted to work the time was 189 with the rest of the fleet being adapted over time except for the A class . Over the years you would see up to 11 of them in one train never saw 12 myself together there was always one in for repair or spare . I also remember a member of staff in Limerick telling me that they were difficult wagon to completely discharge(compared with the bubbles) with cement being left at each end and building up over time I think they last worked in Dec 2009 on the Limerick -Waterford cement.
  7. Cement by Rail

    Bagged cement has been carried by the railway prior to the use of the pallet cement wagons the bagged cement was transported in 'H' vans going back to GNR(I) days. The Bogie bulk cement wagon's arrived in 1979 there were a total of 12 of these wagons 33001-33012.
  8. Behind the scenes at IRM

  9. Open House Dublin 4th-6th October 2013

    Open House Dublin 4th -6th Oct 2013 This event which is organised by The Irish Architecture Foundation on the first weekend of October every year opens up buildings around Dublin City to the public , this year event covers 100 buildings highlights from a transport viewpoint are . 1. The Directors House Broadstone Railway Station by John Mulvany. 2. Connolly Station . 3. Donnybrook Bus Garage. The highlight for me last year was undoubtedly Donnybrook Bus Garage by Michael Scott completed in 1952. The tour was made even better by the insightful and informative Dublin bus staff giving the tours, if you want to find out what Donnybrook bus garage and Sydney Opera house have in common then go along and find out . Also some persevered buses are on display. All events are FREE check out http://www.openhousedublin.com

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