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  1. Tales from the carriage shops

    the 20' flats look great .
  2. Patricks Layout

    Such a simple layout I think that is what makes it so wonderful.
  3. Kingsbridge - workbench

    The Bill Bedford overlay has the correct door arrangement for the ex bck as used by CIE/I.E. the RPSI may have closed the double door during its overhaul in RPSI ownership. Great work on the recent BSK conversion .
  4. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Amazing job , just show's you what can be done , the Lima MK1 is very basic by today's standards but by adding new buffers good paint job and of course the B5 bogies it brings it up great .
  5. Kingsbridge - workbench

    looking great
  6. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Or could the orange window frames be on the other side ?
  7. Patricks Layout

    Members 54 5,747 posts Report post Posted 4 hou
  8. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    reminds me of seeing them working the Tullamore cement circa 2003
  9. Junctionmads Workbench

    looks great
  10. What bogies used on Laminates + Bredin?

    Cie used both types the vast majority of coaches the park royals , laminate's and buffet car's were fitted with as Glover Called A "lightweight" Commonwealth Bogie this is the 8'0"version the type used on BR is 8'6" wheelbase version 100mph capable , these were fitted to the later CIE Laminates 1497-1503 (built 1962) Full Firsts 1145 1146 (built 1963) and retro fitted to Kitchen cars 2403 and 2407. https://www.flickr.com/photos/126254131@N05/32494867636/in/photolist-pHqkHU-RvsG6j-Ruhxhn-QfyGUB-RvsG3y-RvsGdU-oicfnr-RDBsRB-d5Ynwq-RBRLcn-Yz415C-oeTV96-8FaJBh-ode2vv-8FaVJL-RnTtax-a5Jepb-T6UVWv-RpPppH-fL8vMA-ouikCf-otppuo-ovaymX-rpcHYS-x6GAdn-yAf8U4-xgUYFi-ow5sLc-x5oSgY-oszDny-Tzb8UN-wZ9Jxq-wk1QLN-xgz6dM-wNxudo-xeAWS7-xJK9QR-v9mYBk-wZJUrh-oermBp-x5Q4sQ-x8bxEi-wbiXaP-x5oPTw-tDzL98-x6GxaP-x6GuMn-oeqtVr-x69RLz-x6GtWz
  11. Kingsbridge - workbench

    very interesting work well done
  12. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Received my packs A,B,C and D yesterday really outstanding models well done guys.
  13. Kingsbridge - workbench

    That sounds like a great idea for kit Weshty , a fret with the vents (or complete sides) , the roof covers , the filler pipe casing and the fuel tanks.
  14. Heljan oil tank wagon

    I see oxford rail is also doing a B class tank wagon with a revised suspension I think this means the addition of J hangers which would make them the nearest yet to the Irish /CIE ESSO wagons and best of all Hattons are advertising them on pre order for £16.50 that makes them about €19.00!! https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/class-b-tank-esso-unbranded-black-revised-suspension-47792-or76tkb002
  15. Maybach Re-engined 201's

    There is also a nice picture of 233 on the 0500 Athy Cement ex Limerick passing Cherryville Junction in the IRRS journal no 65 Oct 1974 233 is in Supertrain livery with no GM headlight so it still had the Maybach engune fitted nice orange bubbles too .

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