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  1. belmont colour blue?

    lads, going to try repaint 2 old mark 3,s i have, what colour blue is the belmont express?
  2. int attempt

    int resturant fresh from the paint shop.
  3. junction 0

    a few photo,s of action at my junction,183 runs around a cement, while 078 is hooking up to the int set i attempted.
  4. Models for sale.

    Lads have a few coaches for sale, 1 x mark 3 in old enterprise livery 30 euro. 1 mark 2 brake coach in N/R livery 30 euro. 1 b/r crane 20 euro, 5 euro postage on each if any interest, photos showing all 3.
  5. the strand railtour to roslare

    Any of you modeling people making the trip? weather could spoil it! hope not:praying:
  6. park royals to be rolled out

    irish freight models page updated with photos of the soon to be released park royals!
  7. R.P.S.I Calender

    Just received in the post this years R.P.S.I calender, It is credit to the society, Lovely shots.
  8. class22000 model

    Anyone doing resprays at a fair price? would Love to have my virgin voyager done in class 22000 Livery 3 -car set, l have the transfers etc.
  9. Paulstown

    Hi all, Delighted to have finally joined the group ,Galway based and l will post photos of my lrish Layout tommorow.

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