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  1. jason brady

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    I bought the EGV from the original batch and added the white lining so i could run it with my IE Mk2's, and to be honest i can't tell the difference when there sitting beside each other. Looking at the pics Railer posted the problem with the black line seems to be sorted but the shade of orange looks no darker to me than it did previously.
  2. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Hi all,Ive finally got back around to starting a few bits and pieces so i thought it wouldnt do any harm to post a few bits along the way.I did post an NIR ballst wagon which i had re sprayed some time last year which i got positive feedback on so i will also be finishing them off at some stage.Here is some IE auto-ballasters that ive been working on.Ive added a ballast load and gave them a bit of a weathering and tail lamps added which are from SSM.I have done four with two more to be finished which will make a nice rake of six with two generators at both ends.
  3. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Cheers John-r, colour is Humbrol 53 Gun metal metallic.
  4. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    A couple of pics of the cages and kegs now finished. Perfect for in and around a yard or even better on a bogie flat. I think I'll be getting myself some more of these.
  5. jason brady

    IRM Fert Wagon

    So you're not ruling it out as a possibility Fran
  6. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Made a start on these cages and kegs this morning. Another great little kit from SSM and so easy to work on. One down, 5 to go.
  7. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Thanks John-r. I suppose the right way when it comes to brass is to solder, but superglue does the job for me and it hasn't let me down yet. Cheers JB, much appreciated.
  8. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Got going on these beauties from SSM a couple of weeks ago. Just finished are the two 42' flats which will form the barrier wagons. Plenty of cutting, bending and filing with these, but when they start to take shape they really are worth the work. With the flats ready it was on to the cradles for the tanks, and in the background are the bogies for the Ammonia wagons.
  9. jason brady

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    CIE wouldn't be my preferred era so I consider myself extremely lucky with the releases to date. When you look at the fantastic models now available thanks to the IRM lads you can see why anyone modelling the CIE period would want a piece of the action. These decisions have to make good business sense to be viable, that's just the way of the world unfortunately. Hopefully there's enough interest so the lads can crack on and get these produced for the CIE fans. I'll be sticking with my IE Ploughs which I have ordered and can't wait to get my hands on.
  10. jason brady

    Layout Plans

    Good to see you back at it Tony, really like the look of that. Looking forward to watching this progress now.
  11. jason brady

    Some useful Tools

    Very handy solution Eoin, as you say it's always the tin of paint your looking for that's buried at the bottom of the storage box.
  12. jason brady

    Robert's Workbench

    Very tidy work. They'll easily pass the two foot rule.
  13. jason brady

    Layout Plans

    Adding the extension was a good idea Tony. Gave you that extra bit of space needed which always helps. Really like the angle of the shed, it works well rather having it pushed into the corner running flush against the wall.
  14. jason brady

    IRM Fert Wagon

    I've probably said it before but the bar just seems to get pushed that little higher with each release. The detail on this is just stunning. The Fert was always one of my favourite wagons but I never thought id see the day when such a high quality RTR model would be available to buy. Really looking forward to these. Top class lads and credit as always to all involved
  15. jason brady

    World Cup

    Agree totally, but they insist on being sucked in as each tournament comes around and never seem to learn. It was strangely quiet building up to this world cup, then with a few of the favourites tipped to win it noticeably struggling in the group stages the hype machine kicked into gear as it always does, same story, same result....
  16. jason brady

    World Cup

    Always amazes me when the inevitable finally happens how the english media change their tune. 2 weeks ago Sky Sports were more or less saying they were world beaters and had this sewn up, and this was still at the group stages. Within an hour of them going out last night they were a young side that had overachieved and nobody had expected them to get this far. Always gives me a good laugh, roll on the euros
  17. jason brady

    murrayec's Projects

    Outstanding Eoin, your work never ceases to amaze me.
  18. jason brady

    First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Not sure of the exact circumstances as to how it came about but it was short lived. At the time I think they felt it was cheaper to ship it from Arklow rather the Dublin Port. The wagons basically looked like a 20 ft open top container which was covered with a tarpaulin.
  19. jason brady

    Tara Junction.

    Love all things cement Noel, especially the bogies. Great scenes as always
  20. jason brady

    First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Are you referring to the 4 wheel ore wagons that ran to Arklow in the early 90's Dive?
  21. jason brady

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Thanks Stephen, great pic aswell. Looks like it'll be 10 for me so
  22. jason brady

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Mouthwatering detail. Was it generally 10 in a typical rake? Any footage I've seen from the early to mid 90s suggests so.
  23. jason brady

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Lads, that looks that good I'd nearly take it as it is The final product will be stunning. I can't wait to get my hands on a pack of these.
  24. jason brady

    barrow street

    Love the stairwell and lift encased in glass. Looks just like the real thing. Modelling on another level.

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