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  1. Yet again Eoin, model engineering at it's best.
  2. I'm not buying it Edo, you've obviously been gotten too, or bribed in some way (it's normally chocolate hobnobs with me). Really like the thinking behind this, nice work.
  3. This is brilliant to see, and I'm sure will be another winner guys. Irish vehicles have always been hard to come across, with very few produced. Oxford have released some lovely stuff over the last few years, at very affordable prices. With a bit of work you can get some decent looking Irish models from their vehicles, but again, its decals, paint and time to get you there. I'm hoping this takes off, this is a great start, it would be fantastic to see a proper selection of Irish vehicles to choose from in the future.
  4. Bring a couple of sleeping bags Edo. You're in for a very long day.
  5. I've spent the last number of weeks working away on this signal box, in between my current projects sitting on the bench. The balcony and steps combo wasn't my cup of tea, so some chopping, sanding and gluing was required. Along with that, I also added lighting and various bits and bobs to the interior. Then, some painting and weathering to finish. Job done.
  6. JasonB

    Why GM?

    You don't need to be an expert on all things CIE. If something continues to let you down, you look elsewhere. GM had a reputation for reliability, so they took a chance and it worked. The relationship went on from there, the rest is history. Reliability will always save you money long term.
  7. Another outstanding model yet again in my opinion, and another welcome addition to the irish scene. Now, I shall bite my tongue and retreat to a dark corner of the house
  8. Lovely stuff Noel. Don't think I've seen footage taken from that side of the layout before. Station looks class.
  9. A couple of recently finished tanktainers. Weathering has been kept to a minimum, with some light streaking and rust applied.
  10. I probably went a little trigger happy when ordering, but they're that good. Have to admit if there was another run, I'd definitely invest in some more.
  11. I've recently invested in some of these little beauties, and I'm so glad I did. I now have the makings of a really decent yard scene here. Have to say, another master stroke by IRM.
  12. Lovely stuff. The Seacows look great behind 113.
  13. They are seriously tasty popeye. Excellent paintjob and weathering. Definitely takes them to the next level.
  14. Compared to other models, the bodyshell on the 201 is easily removed. The only thing I'd suggest is, don't try lift it straight off when it becomes loose. Otherwise you could damage the wiring for the cab lighting. If you need to remove the body fully, the wiring for both ends just unplug from the board. If you're happy enough to leave it, there should be enough wiggle room just to lie it down on its side while still attached.
  15. 141 and 144 shunting the bubbles. Does it get any better. As always, priceless footage.
  16. Two likes, including mine. Has anyone else on here watched this? The Bo-Bo alone deserves more.
  17. Agree Popeye. Really like the look of these, and they definitely pass the test sitting amongst 1:76 scale stock.
  18. Pick of the bunch. Its been a while. But I think I've just soiled myself
  19. Couldn't agree more. Great use of some relatively inexpensive models. Always nice to see some old school modelling.
  20. Love what you've done with the yard Noel. The fertiliser store really finishes things off nicely.
  21. Why start another thread, when this accessory pack has already been posted in a thread you previously commented in. I'm sure you're already aware of this, and will probably reply with a meaningless emoji or gif.
  22. Photos like this, always remind me of how lucky I was to have met MrsB all those years ago. If I hadn't, this amongst other things would more than likely be sitting in my kitchen on display now.
  23. Not some new work, this is more of a coming together of two recently finished projects from the bench.
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