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  1. Lovely stuff Noel. Always nice to see the 2600 out and about.
  2. Have to admit, the opening to 'The Birds' sprang to mind when i heard them gulls.
  3. As suggested above, drop one of the mods a PM. They can do it there and then.
  4. Fantastic bit of space to have. Looks very impressive. Just a suggestion, but if you're planning to continue with updates maybe move the thread to the layout section, rather than having it in General Chat, it'll be easier to find when members are browsing.
  5. Looks very well. A light dusting with the airbrush will do wonders to tone everything down.
  6. Pure Gold. A friend of mine is living in Drogheda, so whenever I'm down that neck of the woods I'd drop into MacBride station. If you're very luck you might catch a Tara Mines coming in on the Navan Branch, or an 071 stabled there. Nearly unrecognisable now when you look at that footage.
  7. Rubbed everything down with the abrasive pen. Light coat of primer, then a couple of coats of yellow. Bucket, cab and exhaust were hand painted.Once dried, a wash and powders were applied. Sealed with Matt varnish.
  8. Love Island is uninteresting. This isn't
  9. Great idea, fits in perfectly with the layout. Look forward to watching it develop.
  10. I picked up this 1:76 scale loader about a year back. The colour was horrendous and needed sorting. So I went to work.
  11. My Dad has four or five of these in both liveries Rob. I've tried all methods of bribery over the last couple of years to try and get him to part with even one. No joy as yet. Might pick up a tray of Guinness tomorrow and leave it at his front door as another subtle hint.
  12. Am I seeing things, or has some poor unfortunate been clamped?
  13. A perfect example of what can be achieved when a model is pushed to another level. Great work.
  14. Nice work. They look spot on.
  15. Fair play lads, the gamble more than paid off. At them prices you can't go wrong. Enjoy.
  16. Scale wise, are they 2 mtrs apart?
  17. Like Edo, I have a deposit down on three, IE livery. Paid it about 6 months back. I recieved the monthly newsletter by email during the week with the release schedule attached, but with no prices as yet.
  18. I think I'll file these under miscellaneous.
  19. As usual, your attention to detail is top notch. Maybe a little frustrating to build, but that scene proves it was well worth the effort.
  20. Same day, but taken at Limerick. Cosmetically she was looking rough and badly in need of some work. But the engine sounded fantastic all day.
  21. Good to see you back posting richrua. Progressing well already. Nice work on the Cement Works. Great use of items lying about, as David has mentioned above.
  22. Here's a shot I got of 086 back in April 2018, before overhaul. Branchline Explorer as far as I can remember.
  23. Nice job GM. All they needed was a little TLC
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