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  1. Liking the plan GM. Always had a soft spot for the yard in Mullingar. Nothing over complicated, but enough to keep you interested.
  2. Hadn't noticed that. Even better
  3. Cracking lineup of motive power there. Made all the better with 112 in the mix
  4. Lovely job George. Very impressive. It'll look great on the move.
  5. That's a nice collection of stock you've gotten your hands on recently Dangerous. Enjoy.
  6. Dug out a few more bits and pieces to add to the list. As before, all 1:76 scale. Escort XR3i, Capri MK1 and Capri MK111 Sierra Sapphire And a little more modern. The Galaxy. Love this. Looks even better when carrying a container.
  7. Yep, still knocking out the orders. I recieved a few bits and bobs last week. I also dropped him a mail last monday and he came back to me a couple of days later.
  8. Came across this little gem from SSM while rummaging through some storage boxes a couple of days ago. I don't know how I managed it, but I noticed I hadn't added the day-glo stripes to the inside of the beams when working on the gates first time round. So, it was out with some paint and a very fine brush this morning. Unfortunately I didn't have the exact colour I used originally, but I think this adds to the look, as these were generally seen with varying shades over the years.
  9. Always a favourite of mine. You can't go wrong with Baby GM's double heading the timber train
  10. Love it. Oozes mid 90's.
  11. Thanks Noel. Cheers Rich. I made a promise to myself back in January to devote a little more time to the hobby. 4 months in and I've managed my first post of the year. At this rate, the next update should be around August
  12. Evening Guys, It's been a while. So, this morning I decided to ease myself back into the endless list of projects sitting on the bench, by putting this spare 071 body to good use. First, it was off with the 085 shell. Then, on with the new underframe. With the loco opened up, I placed a driver in the cab and also dug out a spare DCC sound decoder to fit. Handrails went on next. And then finally a little painting to finish off the smaller details. 085 is now 077.
  13. A favourite of mine. They've turned out really well. Great build, from start to finish.
  14. Oh, now that I like. A couple of IR/IE Baby GM's knocking about. A busy freight yard, plus a splatter of Bus Eireann coaches. Perfect
  15. Really nice work on the bridge. Although a small detail, the H beams really add to the appearance of the structure. Top job
  16. Loving the sound as it struggles to pull away
  17. Brilliant as usual Noel. That's a nice piece of kit. There's also something very relaxing about watching the tamper in action
  18. Individual bolts! Now that's attention to detail. Lovely build, very impressive.
  19. Doesn't sound like a request to me. More like another one of your repetitive demands. And if you reckon it's just a simple case of asking and you'll get, why don't you stump up the six figure sum to get the ball rolling. As for the cottage kit suppliers you refer to. Your comment comes across as if they're redundant, and have no place in the modelling world nowadays. Strange, considering many were, or still are members on here, with one in particular a regular contributor.
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