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  1. I have no interest in steam whatsoever if I'm honest. Even so, that's a great job.
  2. Standout shot for me. Seriously impressive, as always.
  3. Very nice layout. Really like the container yard.
  4. Looks the business, Noel. Highlights all that fantastic detail below the bodyshell. Looking forward to giving my own the same treatment.
  5. Nice little surprise in the post this morning. Looking forward to 036 joining this beauty at some stage this week, hopefully. Absolutely cracking model. Take a bow guys.
  6. Have to admit, I never thought I'd see these produced RTR, to this standard by a manufacturer. As said above, they're niche, and it's a gamble by IRM, but I'm sure it will pay off. The driving trailer looks absolutely fantastic. I'll say no more, I've just soiled myself.
  7. I find I'm watching more and more US stuff of late on YouTube. My current fetish is the SD40-2, can't get enough of them. I fear, at some stage I might cross over to the dark side
  8. Unless they're IR/IE orange and black and running in pairs, I haven't much interest. But strangely, I really like this shot. Very nice.
  9. For me, the 90's was definitely the golden era. Loved what was running back then, both freight and passenger. Many an afternoon was spent at Clonsilla or Coolmine stations on school summer holidays, waiting for whatever powered through. So much variety back then. Brings back some great memories.
  10. Most people that found themselves in your position would have done the same. I know I would. Panic sets in, then it turns to anger when you feel you've been done over. Main thing is, you eventually got what you paid for. Great result.
  11. Intriguing, what could it be. Great, won't be able to sleep tonight.
  12. Good to hear. Hopefully, he now honors his side of the deal.
  13. Fantastic. Seeing it on the move like this, and with sound is just the business. Loving F5 - Drive Hold. Can't wait to get my hands on these beauties.
  14. I've dealt with numerous members on here over the years, buying and selling, and luckily never experienced behaviour like this. I think it's fair to say these type of incidents are few and far between. Reading the recent posts above, I wouldn't be surprised if the loco had already been shifted while it was being advertised here, that's if he even had it to sell in the first place. If that is the case, he's lower than a snakes bollox, and ought to be ashamed of himself. Hopefully, this gets sorted for you sooner rather than later.
  15. Great stuff, Rob. Nice collection of containers and tanks. Right up my street.
  16. Nice catch, Rob. Always nice to see a bit of decent freight on the rails.
  17. Currently showing in stock on Marks Models website. https://www.marksmodels.com/?pid=16734
  18. It's something I've been meaning to tackle, David. I have a board here, like you've suggested, but it could do with some tidying up. Fixing a back scene, would be straightforward enough, with very little work involved. Thanks for the positive comment, it's very much appreciated.
  19. Evening guys, It's been a while since I updated the thread. The combination of being just too busy, and not really being arsed, has resulted in a very quiet workbench of late. Over the past month or so, I've got back amongst my mound of projects that need sorting, and below, is one of those stop-start weathering jobs which has been dragging on forever. It's nice to finally put these to bed.
  20. Impressive lineup of motive power, Noel. I see 112 lurking amongst all the grey, always nice to see out and about.
  21. Really like how the track appears to bank on the curve.
  22. I only had eyes for the A's carrying the day-glo panels, but that is seriously tasty. My finger is hovering over the link to order.
  23. The more you look, the more details you notice. Fantastic all round modelling.
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