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  1. Really like how the track appears to bank on the curve.
  2. I only had eyes for the A's carrying the day-glo panels, but that is seriously tasty. My finger is hovering over the link to order.
  3. The more you look, the more details you notice. Fantastic all round modelling.
  4. Good stuff. Can't beat a bit of old school modelling.
  5. Sad to see it's come to an end. I've really enjoyed watching this layout progress over the last year and a bit. I'm sure your next will be even better, considering what you've produced so far. What a fantastic shot to finish things off, very nicely done.
  6. A little outside my era of interest, Rich. Although saying that, it does look fantastic. I have to admit, I'm seriously tempted by the version carrying the points logo.
  7. Patiently waiting for images of the IR livery with day-glo panels. Can't be long now. Wearing my disposable underwear as I speak, just incase I soil myself when some pics are eventually posted. It will, without doubt, look that good.
  8. Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but I've always had a soft spot for the silver and black freight livery. Even more now, as it has been consigned to history. I see the painters have been busy working on the bridge girders.
  9. Looks the business, very tidy interior. How things have changed over the years. Not taking anything away from the 141/181, still love them to bits, but christ were they hard to get into. Made getting a bra off with one hand seem like a doddle.
  10. Is there something you're not telling us DJ. Have you got some sort of pallet fetish?
  11. Very impressive Rob. Some really nice detailing added, with station signage and lighting etc. Love this shot looking towards the container yard and shed. Great stuff.
  12. It's like sitting in a lap dancing club, and not being allowed touch the goods. Edit : So I've been told.
  13. Lovely work on the weathering. Looks great, but is also very effective at covering up the joins in the red brick sheets.
  14. That is seriously tasty, and exactly how I remember the 121's. Looking rough.
  15. Brings back memories. Dublin city centre, pre covid. Seems a long time ago now.
  16. Impressive. Less is more, as the saying goes.
  17. Fantastic stuff. The details added along the river bank has really helped blend everything together, along with the mill which looks right at home. The 121's crossing with the gypsums complete a great scene.
  18. I've read some shite on this forum over the years, but this is the best yet. Not good enough? I'm genuinely baffled by this comment.
  19. Not an easy livery to get right. That's a great job, considering the amount of masking involved.
  20. Excellent stuff. Love how this whole area is developing. Lifting what was there previously has definitely paid off.
  21. It makes an appearance now and again, but no way near as much as it should
  22. Impressive work all round. The colours used on the stone look the business.
  23. Great stuff popeye. Top notch as always. The attention to detail on both the interior and exterior brings this to another level.
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