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  1. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But it's quite easy to make comments regarding the size of a certain run of model, when it's not your money tied up in the venture. COVID or not, these things still have to make sense financially at the end of the day.
  2. Really like how that area has turned out Noel. Perfect combination of looking busy, but not overcrowded.
  3. Lovely stuff. Always nice to see the 181 class on duty with the bubbles.
  4. Coming along nicely. Impressive work on the signage.
  5. Fantastic news for anybody that missed out on these little beauties first time around. It's great to see the wagon that started it all off, being given a new lease of life. Have to admit, I'm tempted by the IR points logo, but I don't think I'd use another rake of ballasts. As for the gypsums, now they're definitely on my radar
  6. If it's the blue wagon you're referring to Dave.They were used for carrying bagged cement.
  7. I've always been quite vocal in my support of IRM. And I'm sure everyone is in agreement what's been achieved in such a short space of time has been seriously impressive. With each release, the bar seems to get pushed that little bit higher, but my personal favourite to date has got to be the Bulk Cement wagon. To watch 18 of these little beauties running behind an 071 is a dream come true, for me anyway. Congrats on the last five years guys, and thank you for the wonderful wagons to date. Long may it continue.
  8. Really like the grubby, unkept appearance of the yard area, it's done very well. The cages, containers and pallets of fertiliser look great together in the first shot.
  9. More or less. The generator could be modified with a bit of work to form a standard, but should you really have to mess about with a RTR wagon like that? There is also the option of respraying some Railtrack standards, which you can then use to build up a rake.
  10. Normally, you'd see two generators used in a rake. One both ends.
  11. Shifted some of these recently. Nice wagon, but the whole genny and standard in a twin pack never really worked in my opinion, especially when trying to put a rake together.
  12. Lovely shots as always. Still can't believe I let the ferts pass me by, unforgivable really. They look so damn good.
  13. Anybody can give a model a blast of an airbrush. But as Rich has said above, the trick is to try get it as close to what you're looking at, rather than what you think it should look like. You've nailed it, that's a top job.
  14. Looks great Noel, really like the colours on the paint job. I'd love to get my hands on a similar model in 1:76 scale.
  15. Did you hand-paint LV1 and LV2 yourself, @ttc0169? I found one in white but couldn't find one in yellow. It's a strong possibility Dave. Noel is the master of the repaint, he can make anything pass as irish!
  16. The 121's look great running as a pair. Really looking forward to getting my hands on both the IR and IE versions. That clikiddy clack sounds brilliant, intentional or not
  17. Loving the 2800 with BELL's. Lovely stuff
  18. Lovely bit of stock there Dave, definitely my cup of tea. 143 is a favourite of mine, it's a cracking little model. It doesn't matter how big or small your board/layout is. What's important is that you have something to enjoy running your trains on. As for lubing up, yes its definitely a job that should only be tackled at the weekend
  19. Now that's proper rivet counting
  20. Tidy piece of kit Robert. Can't beat a bit of organised storage.
  21. Nice job on the ballast Robert. Have some of these myself, which I worked on a few years back. Still a favourite of mine.
  22. To be honest, I wouldn't be the biggest fan of either of those liveries. But I have to say, those two look damn good together.
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