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  1. I hadn't realised how bad a condition the wheels where in, until I had removed them from the coaches. As you can see, they were absolutely caked in residue from glue that had been used by the previous owner. Not good with general running, let alone when you're relying on pickups to light the coaches. Anyway, I've given them a good clean, which should improve future running.
  2. Very nice. I do like a bit of PW stock.
  3. Another little project on the go at the moment are these Cravens, which I picked up second hand back in 2018. The guy I bought them from had already painted the interiors and installed lighting. Over the past couple of evenings, I've carried out some small repair jobs which needed doing, and I've also added some passengers. Once everything is put back together, I'll finish off by applying some light weathering.
  4. Not my era of interest, but it's fantastic work. Always enjoy your updates. Top notch modelling.
  5. Considering recent events, May 2019 seems like a very long time ago, let alone 1990. But, as the saying goes... Good things come to those who wait. I broke out the chocolate hobnobs last night. YNWA.
  6. The 201 is hogging the limelight. It's the 141 shunting the empty flats, that's the real star of the show
  7. Unfortunately, it's a simple case of supply and demand. Personally, I wouldn't pay that type of money, no matter how much I wanted the model. But there are people out there that will. And as long as their willing to part with their cash, you'll always see ridiculous prices like that.
  8. That's because they're afraid they'll have both their arms broke Dave
  9. Something dodgy seems to be going on inside 141's cab. There's only a couple of reasons why those windows could be steamed up.
  10. Love the shot of the lads nattering in front of 080.
  11. Plough Van's were dismantled this afternoon and given a blast of the airbrush. I'll be aiming for a heavily weathered appearance on both of these.
  12. Fresh to the bench this morning is my 15 Ballast Wagons and 2 Plough Van's. I've started by applying a wash to the hopper. This is to create the build up of dirt and streaking in certain areas. This process will be used on each wagon. I have also removed the loads for a little cosmetic work.
  13. Love the shot at 4:25 as the 141 passes over the bridge with bubbles. One word...class.
  14. Even though the livery carried by A12 is way outside my era of interest, I've always found it attractive because it's so simple. Even to this day, that style is still being used on the 071/111 classes. It never grows old.
  15. Absolutely stunning gents. As each wagon was released, it seemed to push the bar that little bit higher each time. Yes, its probably expected now, and comes as no surprise. But to serve up this type of standard on your first locomotive is outstanding. Respect.
  16. Cheers Fran. Yep no problem, work away
  17. Nice work Noel. The combination of their colour and how badly they weathered over time means they are not easy to get right, but you've pulled it off. I have a few of these spare from my 42' flats, and tackled one over the Christmas break. After a lot of expletives it ended up back in a box. I'm planning on revisiting it, when I have time and patience in equal measure.
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