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  1. DiveController

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Funny, I looked at the website today but didn’t see anything! Good to see these. Unfortunately, had to respray the last rake and committed to other purchases right now. Might pop down to Marks in Cork tomorrow to see if they have them though. Any update on the 121s, I wonder?
  2. DiveController

    CIE Ballast Plough Now Available to Preorder

    Thanks, Steven. Patrick, I saw the chat window but I wasn’t sure the chat was actually live at that late hour and got the impression you’d respond to the email it requested. First time I’d used it. Sorry about that.
  3. DiveController

    CIE Ballast Plough Now Available to Preorder

    Is the discount pricing only available if you’ve previously ordered something other than the CIE plough? The full price was showing in my cart for any combo of three (including at least one CIE) the other night. Tried to ‘Chat’ but no response email seems to have received to date? Thank you K
  4. DiveController

    Dublin Toy & Train Sale

    What’s date in July?-
  5. DiveController

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    I might also be interested in a short rake of these but what exactly is being offered? Worsley typically does scratch building aids, not complete brass kits like JM Designs or SSM. Perhaps an estimate for what ever is being proposed would be helpful? This must be possible in order to estimate a minimum quantity to break even? A photo @jhb171achill might stimulate some further interest making pricing even better? Thanks K
  6. DiveController

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Sounds like the same problem of modeling mesh grilles on Baby GMs etc, mechanical and manufacturing tolerances etc.
  7. DiveController

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Very interesting to see the fertilizer wagons in that film with mesh doors. It seems like they must’ve entered the service cfor some period of time to be called Long Kesh wagons.
  8. DiveController

    CIE Ballast Plough Now Available to Preorder

    Nice! Very pragmatic. Thank you!!
  9. DiveController

    Rails through the west

    It’s probably genuine, you may have got a copy of the Southern Hemisphere edition.
  10. DiveController

    Sudden Atlas rolling stock and locomotive factory closure.

    Crikey! No one to run a presumably profitable enterprise? Or was the factory in ill health rather than the owner? 🤔 Fortunately, I don’t really purchase these products just MM, IRM, JMD and a few others
  11. DiveController

    CIE Ballast Plough Now Available to Preorder

    On walkabout in Ireland, looks like I found internet on the correct day! Great news so I’ll preorder what I committed to on the other thread. May I purchase any three packs (to include at least one CIE) or only one of each style? Thanks! K
  12. DiveController

    The Fry Model Railway

    Thanks, Jonathan. I’m on the Enerald isle at the mo’ but this is a trip to be postponed to next visit, I guess.
  13. DiveController

    The Fry Model Railway

    I don't suppose this is open yet correct?
  14. DiveController

    CIE Standard coach (laminate stock)

    I'm not sure what happened here or what narrative was mis interpreted exactly. I maybe didn't realize how niche the CIE plough would be as a model. It's not just the number of prototypes but also the number of modelers potentially interested in running or displaying models from that period. I know there were only a few ploughs and I understand that no one wants to buy a rake of them which is why I stated regarding laminates ..."even if brakes, mails, PTOs were not viable to be produced with them". If you guys are seriously intending to consider this earlier at some point then I'm very pleased to hear that. I didn't think that might be viable based on the number of modelers, models being produced much later when the cost will be higher etc. I stand corrected as you'll know the economics of this.. Anyway, these were just my thoughts, and weren't meant to derogate in any way. K
  15. DiveController

    CIE Standard coach (laminate stock)

    Yup! Anything produced from this era I would buy since my only other resource would be to buy from another manufacturer who has been heavily criticized by modelers and manufacturers alike at various times. If a high quality laminate 1449-, 1429- or Park Royals appeared I would buy a rake maybe 10 of each, even if brakes, mails, PTOs were not viable to be produced with them, (Jon, I know they didn't run in rakes). They'd look superb among other stock. One or two would have to be resprayed if necessary into a silver livery such as a 1429-. AEC railcars, I would see myself buying three or four pretty much like I have each of the MM 141 in B'n'T and Supertrain plus spares to renumber to more of the class. Again I'd be interested in earlier liveried A classes if/when they are produced. However, if we're having a discussion on at the viability of a CIE plough van, I don;t know if this would ever be realized. It's a shame more limited runs can't be produced like the 111 class locos. Maybe Accurascale sales can be used to subsidize greater variety in the tiny market for Irish models or it's back to resin models, I suppose.

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