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  1. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Like Railer I’ll take the IR version but my order is not yet in. I would be good to know if there there was to be a CIE version which wound actually suit better especially if these are selling out so quickly!

    I'm not sure jhb. I can see rakes of high quality, proper length and more importantly proper width and shape, CIE built carriages being popular. Follow with a TPO, I'm not sure.

    Sorry to be coming to this thread so late @jhb171achill. It is very informative indeed. There is definitely more interest in the periods that you describe in the thread. I don't know how many modelers 'young' or old, though I suspect that the 'younger modelers' you refer to may be more familiar with the post Supertrain era and may not associate with the grey 'n' green era through nostalgic reminiscences or familiarity with the rolling stock of that time. perhaps the number of replies to the thread is indicative, I'm not sure. Sadly there is a paucity of models from the period that are readily available (yes, they can be modeled by those already familiar with the period). In contrast, the UK market still has a a strong showing in the pre-grouping era with many models of the rolling stock of the GWR, LMS etc. Possibly the long awaited early versions of the 121 class or the 'you never know' A classes might help instill a little more interest in the earlier eras, may with some rolling stock to follow. Fingers crossed, I suppose. Thanks again for the thread. Kevin
  4. Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    And you can just keep adding duplicates to the rake instead of doing each slice of bread in its own toaster
  5. IRM’s first loco announcement!

    Milled peat won't actually work in the live steam version. It need to be cut using a left-handed sleán. Good modelling opportunity, actually. Does anyone know whether there is an opportunity to purchase a bundle of turn burners @Warbonnet or do I have to wait to get the discount code from the A class model @Glenderg first to avail of that?
  6. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    What's the difference between 42LP and 42LX flats?
  7. Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Yippee! Yippee and yippee! .... although i need the ferts too.
  8. Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Have IRM confirmed that they'll do the blue livery @Warbonnet and can I hold onto and use my ballast discount code for those? At the rate the present livery os pre-selling that should be possible, I would have thought. We only saw six unique orange bubbles so I'm hoping we'll see a complete set of Taras in the blue livery. I need to look in my ballast wagons. Was there one code per order or set or what?

    Incidentally, if you feel the need to order more than five packs the discount codes are additive. No additional savings on six packs but you can add the discount code for 5 pack then 2 packs for 7 etc.
  10. Availability of CIE (1945-55) green paint

    Thanks for that Jon. I guess I do mean the ventilators but am probably not old enough to remember anything older than a pair of sliding panes in the upper section of coach windows and the push down glass on the doors. I was surprised by how much they protruded fun the coach seen almost end on which I;d not noticed before.
  11. Availability of CIE (1945-55) green paint

    I had noticed the green and it looked more like EDN than anything else, Any insights into what the GSR green looked like, when new, @jhb171achill? Is the water tank in green also or grey, (hard to decipher tints correctly on this film)? Thanks for that observation, John. I had noticed the odd 'crest' ob the tender and had forgotten about the large white? disc on tenders of oil burning engines. Can anyone tell me what is covering the upper portions of the windows of the second coach? It is interesting that the gates closed 'automatically' on the engine's approach when most gate into CIE times seem to have been operated manually long after the 1940s. The style of gate, I presume, is typical of the MGWR?
  12. 009 Scale

    Where/when is that photo from? Sorry, N gauge isn;t my forte
  13. Ballyglunin/Castletown

    I have to agree with you, Paul C. I have thought that it would be useful if some members with a decent knowledge of the lineside architecture of the various railways WLWR, DSER, MGWR, GSWR, GNR (or maybe their predecessors if necessary) could display a few photos of the prototypical buildings, signal etc along with suggestions for some lookalikes to assist modelers
  14. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Nice progress
  15. Bundoran Railway Tribute

    Thanks for highlighting that episode. Great little watch

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