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  1. DiveController

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    In that case, I'd like to commit voter fraud and belatedly vote for the slate grey again😁
  2. DiveController

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Was there some issue that prompted the toughened windscreens? How did they differ physically from the originals?
  3. DiveController

    eBay Watch

    More likely it'll go back on at GBP100 instead of 1,100. Still a pretty stiff price at that!
  4. DiveController

    Tara mines rake in blue.

    I’m sorry for the late question on this thread @warb but do you happen to know what year this photo was taken?
  5. DiveController

    Cork - Cobh line

    Other than Cork Kent itself? Unfortunately PukeBucket has pulled some of his wonderful photos of his model (unless one cares to be extorted by them)
  6. DiveController

    Railways to the West

  7. DiveController

    OO Irish freight wagons, vans etc

    Always interested in tankers. Do you know time period when these were used, 80s? EDIT: Hold on, I just realized there's a whole parallel thread on here
  8. DiveController

    win for Accurascale

    Well, it's interesting that only a couple of votes separate Accurascale and longer standing manufacturers such as Rails of Sheffield
  9. DiveController

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    Haven't been on the site this week. Just found out about this. Rake of cement grey please! ... although I'm not surprised by the Irish cement logo voting. I have one pack of these just for nostalgia/display but that's where it'll end for me. It's nice to see that this is being considered so that the bubbles are not 'gone forever' That's a good point Noel. I have orange and CIE ivory ready for a mixed rake, but I hadn't though of that. I'm not sure I've seen a picture of a mixed rake of slate grey & newly introduced orange
  10. DiveController

    CIE Laminate Coaches - Worsley Works - ECMbuild in 4mm

    I'm not sure if it would be a viable small project or not (like a Rawie, I suppose) but it would probably be helpful if one could get complete common Irish bogies such as the commonwealth bogie to retrofit to existing/future rtr and scratch/kit built instead of trying to build these individually. BTW at the risk of echoing others comments, it's an exquisite build and I'v been watching this thread with interest. Some great information regarding battery boxes and vacuum cylinders and great prototypical and model photos
  11. DiveController

    Vote for IRM!

  12. DiveController

    SSM / 00 Works J15 Comparison

    Odd, that form is usually more prevalent here in the US. I haven’t heard anything from them. Must drop an email
  13. DiveController

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    A long rake or two will do very nicely indeed! .... which would mean I’d need a black, black & yellow and a rebuilt loco to haul them 😀
  14. DiveController

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    If you consider that the orange bubbles only existed in that livery for less than a decade (barring a transition period) while the ivory livery endured for a further three decades, I'd say the orange bubbles have acquitted themselves well in terms of sales. 'Glad' they have sold out for you!
  15. DiveController

    CIE Standard coach (laminate stock)

    I’ve some Mayner brass just arrived from Kiwiland too

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