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  1. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Nice progress
  2. Bundoran Railway Tribute

    Thanks for highlighting that episode. Great little watch
  3. Finding old kits

    @WRENNEIREMe too, when time permits
  4. Laser Cutter

    So maybe 1.5mm-2mm or so. How thick are the Wills sheets? There aren't that many stone buildings about that could pass for Irish.
  5. Latest Weathering Project Complete

    very nicely done!
  6. GNR(I) memorial.

    A very sad set of circumstances for a local community back then. Post war medicine in 1950 would have been something medieval by comparison with today. It was interesting to read of loss of life through childhood burns, road traffic accidents, drownings and level crossing accidents. Were there any arrangements that would have helped protect the gang back then? They were obviously working on an active road in poor visibility without so much as a red flag lamp or signal to protect them. Was the engine required to sound it whistle on approach since they were in a station or was that even required at LCs at that time?
  7. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Looks good. Do you have a track plan in mind for the Hill?
  8. yes, superb layout by @driver301. Looking forward to any progress that may have occurred
  9. GNR Works Dundalk

    Quick search on Flickr throws up images such as these, old and new, which in combination might be useful? Some useful detail might be found from the NLI also (you can add the color later) http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000303862
  10. Curragh layout

    Nice job, Peter. It's come a long way in a year. Looking well
  11. Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    2405-2418 were built as 39 S buffets in 1953-4 and 2419-2422 in 1956 in response to the introduction of railcars about 1951 2402 , a dining car with a larger kitchen and hence only 18 seat appeared in 1961 2403 a full kitchen car to cater to the Radio trains followed in 1964. The second kitchen car 2407 followed in 1969 converted from the earlier buffet 2407 of 1953. Photos, yes please!
  12. Oxford Rail MK111 Coaches

    The 70s/80s is a favorite period of mine although I have to say that the previous 2 decades were very interesting also. I think people tend to model what they know or have been associated with in some way. Anecdotally, older modellers seem more likely to model an earlier period than younger ones. Over the last few years I developed an interest in 1950s stock because I became more aware of that period (which predates me) through the site and books and that interest was maintained by the sheer variety of stock and profound changes occurring during that period. It is certainly easier to model what is available rtr as no modelling skills are required for rolling stock at least. Some on the site returned to modelling after many years absent after happening upon a new Irish outline MM diesel. The periodic availability of rtr models may stimulate modelers to model earlier periods so hopefully some of those may become available at some point but I'm not holding my breath.
  13. RPSI Craven Coach set

    Lot of wobble the cream and blue to my eye especially the lead coach, although there is definitely some on the orange also.
  14. Oxford Rail MK111 Coaches

    This is a huge disappointment and PitA. I got a little out of sequence and thought it was going one be project 3 but #4 would have been fine. Personally I wanted a couple of rakes in Supertrain. Of all the models so lamented on this site. Absolutely agree, it's' not going to happen. As for Push/pull .... I'm not sure. That being the case, wouldn't we be more likely to have seen ballasts in original CIE livery, 12 orange bubbles and six with the black chassis, Taras in blue initially rather than bauxite, and I doubt that Supertrain would be preferred above the later IC livery
  15. GNRi 0-6-0 Look-a-like


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