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    15 and trying not to ruin some SSM kits!


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    liking trains making trains wanting trains ..and loving the 800s 400s 500s Bandon theDs As andCs &am

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  1. GSR 800

    Harrys Workbench

    As in different engines would have different types of rivets, or the same engine would have different types?
  2. GSR 800

    Harrys Workbench

    Back to Work I've had quite a long break from modelling locomotives (nearly 2 years!) Mainly to focus on ships. I tend to lean one way or another, but never both at once. Now with a sufficient battlefleet to protect against. ..er....cheeky buggers....it's time to get back into the Kettles of CIE. Quite some time ago I purchased an N15 class locomotive with the intention of converting to 402 Being myself, I didn't start taking photos till I had most of the job done. Chassis were terrible on her, so something must be done about that. Nonetheless, off came the body One sees the obvious differences between the locomotives. First tackled was the Firebox. Round on the N15, it was a Belpaire type on the 400s. A piece of brass, bent to shape, along with some glue and filler was used. The Firebox was filed slightly, to make the corners more rounded. Splashers were stolen off some poor old airfix kit, filed down, and fitted Then it was off to the paint shop, for a lick of green. Looking somewhat like a crazy idea Bullied would have, 402 will have to make do with the tender chassis she's lying on for now😋
  3. GSR 800

    Tara Junction.

    Tasty stuff there Noel, busy as usual at Tara Junction.
  4. GSR 800

    GSWR 6w Bk3rd from a SSM kit

    She's a little gem John. Must get back to building myself...
  5. GSR 800

    Minor Outage

    Anyone else had an outage last night? More maintenance needed?
  6. GSR 800

    Remember old TV

    Of course we have Irish Pictorial Weekly now While we don't have the Minister for Hardship, it's still pretty funny "Some towns could do with a bit of a bombin'. Mullingar"
  7. GSR 800

    Coaching Stock - Irish Freight Models

    They should put Peacemaker under Founding Father Although then people might suspect that IRM has to turned into a Mafia of Railway Enthusiasts....
  8. Ah yes, here they are
  9. I think I have it somewhere JB,I will search my archives..
  10. GSR 800

    eBay Watch

    Arghh! The inaccuracy! It burns!
  11. GSR 800

    Paint colour name.

    There must have been a paradox or something, or he briefly entered an alternate universe where someone had answered his question
  12. GSR 800

    2600 car length?

    Or the smoke generator when the Crossley engine sound is engaged. If it doesn't cause you to hallucinate it isn't authentic
  13. GSR 800

    Murphy Models 141 locos for sale

    I'd say everyone is still recovering from the horror show that is The month after Christmas January:the longest month

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