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  1. Ah well,they played well...damn curse..
  2. Hello all! So this is my new workbench, for battleships,aircraft, and any other nonsense that is not fully railway related. Your probably thinking, where the hell have you been,what about your other workbench and why battleships? well to be honest, the forum is not very active anymore, and i lost interest for a while, but I'm back now My other workbench..is on hold for now, while i try to get the electrics of 552 to actually work battleships, because they are my other love, especially British ships My first project, Trumpeter's 1/350 HMS Hood And in typical Harry style,I don't even have it yet, It's in the post...
  3. Narrow gauge beauty's

    Something that has been hiding from me for a while.. And this website..http://www.chestermodelrailwayclub.com/stock.htm
  4. I saw a strange Irish loco, possibly a 4-4-0 in a picture somewhere. The engine looked like the smokebox had been extended a few inches, but with a smaller diameter. Has anybody got any pictures of this strange beast, or a REASON why it looked so unusual?
  5. A thread to assist those who are looking for RTR stock that could be converted to look more like the Irish stuff. To start off, My favourites, the 800s. The Royal Scot class/patriot class are the ideal locos for conversion. I'm sure Des would supply you with nameplates and number plates. Another,very easy one is the woolwich moguls,get an N class, repainted, few little alterations and away you go.
  6. New livery?

    Lads, has anyone seen a railcar( I think it was a 29000) in a dark green livery? I saw a glimpse of it leaving Mullingar on the Sligo line. Is this a new livery or do I need to go to specksavers?
  7. Heard this on the news. IR haven't a lot of time to get the dart underground project running. Will they bail on this or will we have a underground for Dublin?
  8. 1950-54 cork Dublin timetable

    Hi everyone. Just wondering does anyone have a time table for the Dublin Cork mainline anywhere between 1950 1954? Managed to get some scheduled trains from some Tom ferris videos and books,but cannot find any real schedule along with a big gap from noon to about 5. Any info greatly appreciated
  9. Hi guys I want to know how to wire up sidings and a terminus up to the controllers. There seems to be a few methods with feeders,block wiring etc. going on hols soon so I want to get a bit done before I go.
  10. Irish steam loco database

    Hi guys this is a thread where we put a bit of info on different classes of steam locos ( and possibly certain locos that are special in some way or are one of a kind eg the turf burner CC1). Don't worry the rest of yez I will get to a diesel thread shortly. 800 class 4-6-0 Maedb Macha Tailte 6,7 driving wheels 3,0 leading wheels 34,799 tractive effort Largest steam locomotives ever to run in Ireland
  11. I want to use a realistic coupling , and have been told that the 3 link is best but I am unsure how to use them.
  12. Hi guys.Since im building a yard for kedleston i knew it needed some buildings.But very few layouts are set in the 50s in ireland,so im not sure what to put in the yard(par an engine shed,water tower and turntable)
  13. GSWR class 400

    Hi guys,im trying to get as much info on the 400s as im am thinking of making a wiki page on them.anything of any significants would be helpful.
  14. Anyone heard of this?http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/irish-trawler-dragged-by-suspected-submarine-1.2178382

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