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  1. North Down Model Show

    Steventrain Thanks for the photos and videos. It was nice to see our T-Trak layout feature. I have attached a four photos of the layout and 2 of Kildare Station. I did not manage to get may photos. Hopefully I will do better at the !st Bangor show in May MikeO
  2. GNR Signal Box

    Paul Alphagraphix make a GNR Signal Cabin in OO Scale similar to the above. The product code is F555. a number of station names are provided but none for Ballymena. The kit might help with colours etc MikeO
  3. DART roof details

    Eoin Thanks for the update and the links. Some of the photos are just the images I was looking for and confirms my suspicion that the Class 350 roofs are not Very similar to the DART roofs. On your second link there is a photo of no. 8629 showing yet another roof variation which may be much more simpler to make and produce a batter looking roof. I will go looking for the other photos using the criteria you suggest. My previous searches using just "DART roofs" turned up very little. MikeO
  4. DART roof details

    WRENNEIRE and Railer thanks. On Google Maps Kilbarrack looks to have the easiest access, particularly the foot bridge with the spiral paths at each end. I will investigate both when I get down that way. MikeO
  5. DART roof details

    Thanks WRENNEIRE, more trains may pass there than at Malahide Station. By the time I realised there was a train in the station it had moved off so quickly and was almost out of sight so I did not get any useful photos. Is the footbridge accessible to the public without having to buy a ticket of any sort. MikeO
  6. Atlantic and Pacific Hotels Youghal

    Eiretrains and Georgeconna thanks for your input and links. While I may not be able to get all the information in one place as I had hoped, the views in these photos will certainly help to fill in some of the details. MikeO
  7. DART roof details

    Does anyone know where I can get photos of the roof detail of the DART 8500 or 8600 series. A trawl of the internet has provide a number of partial views as well as a video which shows some details. I am intending converting a Class 350 EMU to a DART. I have good photos of the front but photos showing the roof for each of the 4 cars are more elusive. Any information greatly appreciated MikeO
  8. Does anyone know where I can get a picture of the Atlantic and Pacific Hotels that were once in Youghal, preferably together but separately will do. There is a picture on page 20 of Tom Ferris's book Irish Railways in colour a Second Glance 1947 to 1970. However the hotels are obscured by steam from a loco on the turntable. I am looking for this to form a backscene to a new module I have made. The module features a stylised view of the Strand Hotel and some associated garages. I used the photo from Tom Ferris's book as a template supplemented by photos from google maps showing the scene circa 2009/11. The two linking roads are fictitious. Any information greatly appreciated MikeO
  9. New to Irish Modelling, in N Gauge

    Hi Paulo Hopefully someone will be able to give you a definitive answer. It is not my area of expertise. Mk11s were introduced about 1972 and lasted until about 2008. The early ones were used on Supertains. Have a look at this thread it may be of some help. MikeO
  10. New to Irish Modelling, in N Gauge

    I found that for my Mk11 stock there was such a variation in window and door placement on the donor models that I had to make appropriate computer generated sides or use Electrographic vinyl sides. There were very few that I could just repaint. Although I do not have any Mk111 coaches yet, the Irish and British coaches are very similar in terms of roof, window and door placement and chassis detailing. Have a look at these two photos taken from Wikipedia (photos By Dawgz at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10795846)
  11. New to Irish Modelling, in N Gauge

    Hi Paul Welcome to the forum. Nice to see another N gauge modeller. There is a lot of information available that will help you but it does at first take a while to find it. In my opinion MkIII coaches would be the most easily repainted and perhaps the easiest loco conversion to pull them would be a Dapol Class 66 with a Shapeways body. For further reading have a look at this thread In addition look also at this one which although mainly about the building of Connolly Station it has a lot of information and photos of modern Irish locos and railcars all N gauge Also my own Thread has photos of my attempts at converting coaches and locos. I hope you eventually get a layout started
  12. N Gauge T-Trak

    Thanks Irish_N. Yes my Irish stock continues to expand mostly due to seeing the creative talents of many members of this forum. i just have to try emulating some of the stock I see. For some exhibitions my stock is supplemented by that of other operators. The modules also from a variety of contributors. MikeO
  13. 141 Gauge N

    Eoin As the Class 20 chassis is 10mm too long for a class 121 would the extra length suit a class 141/181 body. I think the class 121 is about 12.15m long while the class 141/181 is about 13.42m long. The extra 10mm being taken up by the second cab. Mayner The SW9 chassis is, in my experience, near impossible to get hence my suggestion of the class 20 which are currently more plentiful. Is the Atlas/Rivarossi SW1500 any easier to get? MikeO
  14. 141 Gauge N

    Eoin Have you considered a BR Class 20 chassis for the 121 class. Class 20 is 90mm long being about 10mm longer than the 80/81mm length for a true scale class 121. With regard to the class 141/181 a Hobby Train Vossloh G 2000 BB is 103mm long again it is over by about 13mm for a true scale 141 which should be about 90mm. The Hobby Train version H2954 has cabs at both ends and wire hand rails between both cabs. A BR class 37 chassis is about 122mm long roughly the right size for a class 071 which is around 117mm for a true scale length . making a suitable body may require the cabs to be made wider in width to allow for a 2mm width walk way between each cab. MikeO
  15. 141 Gauge N

    I would be interested in the RTR options as getting the right donor chassis is, I find, exceptionally difficult. The only one I would not be interested in is the D301. MikeO

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