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  1. GSR Pullman Coaches

    I did keep it - but finding it may take a while - and I'm away for most of the next three weeks.
  2. GSR Pullman Coaches

    I may be imagining this, but did @colmflanagan have an article in Railway Modeller about ten years ago, where OO Pullman coaches were modified into an Irish livery?
  3. How to identify

    I suspect it might have been produced for the 1976 Bicentennial celebrations in the US.
  4. Sleaford Exhibition - Lincolnshire.

    Saturday, June the 2nd, for the 2018 exhibition...
  5. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Excellent - the one in the shade, under the tree, if it's sunny again - ta. It's in the diary here...
  6. Behind the scenes at IRM

    It was the black chassis that had me worried - still "pivo dělá hezká těla", as they say out there.
  7. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    I'm fairly sure that that has been done before, possibly in an earlier period of history......
  8. Accurascale

    I haven't filled it in, as I don't really care about stuff here on the Big Island, but I have taken the liberty of sending the link to others that do, both as purchasers and retailers.
  9. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Is it too early to ask if the Sleaford exhibition will be on again next year? I suspect a few more than just me might attend this time,,,
  10. GNR(I) memorial.

    I've had this sent on to me - it could be of some interest to others on here.
  11. Foolish drivers

    You don't even need a motor vehicle, an unsecured trampoline on a windy day will suffice.
  12. Kingsbridge - DCC / Electronics

    Actually, thinking about it a bit more, I might suggest using silver paint - it's generally just as opaque as black but is a better 'undercoat' for white. I generally use that for added opacity on the resin buildings, if they're going to be lit - in those circumstances you have the bonus of less light attrition from the paint surface.
  13. Kingsbridge - DCC / Electronics

    I wonder if it might be worth painting it black and then over-painting it white, to avoid 'bleed through'?
  14. Mmm, I also reside in the rump of the Empire, and I can't see them - though, I could see the one from the same source that the Wrenn Boy put up earlier, but I can't see that one now..
  15. Foolish drivers

    You can cause disruption, even if there is not a bridge available to hit.

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