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  1. Broithe

    R.I.P. Sgt Major!

    😢 I worked with a chap who looked remarkably like him - to the point where I'm not sure that I can remember his real name...
  2. Broithe

    New Aer Lingus Livery

    Vulcans, Valiants and Victors were painted white in the early days, as 'flash-protection' from the thermonuclear explosions they might have ended up delivering - so, if you happen to be flying in a white plane when Trump or Putin finally get fed up, you have a slightly higher chance of surviving for a few seconds longer.
  3. Broithe

    Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Excellent! I thought I could see the Wrekin there for a second...
  4. Broithe

    8mm cork strips

    8mm square? The stuff used as expansion strips for laminate flooring tend to be a little bit bigger. But, it's probably worth asking, if you have a local installer.. https://hardwoodfloors.uk.com/strips-skirting/cork-expansion-strip
  5. Broithe

    New Aer Lingus Livery

    The last few planes I've been on, all I saw of the outside was a bit round the door and the top of a wing through the window.
  6. Broithe

    Curragh layout

    Is that a sleeping bag in the bottom picture? Dedication!
  7. Broithe

    New Aer Lingus Livery

    This is mostly white, a long stripe and a few short ones...
  8. Broithe

    Flintstones to Fiber broadband

    For those interested, the conversion kit is around $700 - $900. Though a DIY version can be achieved for a lot less, they say... http://thequirkyglobe.blogspot.com/2011/06/old-fashioned-typewriter-connects-to-pc.html
  9. Broithe

    Ballast pit pictures

    You can just make out the conveyor in the undated photo at the bottom here - https://jetstream.gsi.ie/iwdds/delivery/GSI_Transfer/Geoheritage/LS019_Lisduff_Quarry.pdf
  10. Broithe

    Ballast pit pictures

    I'm sure that I remember a conveyor across the road at Lisduff, but there's no sign of it now.
  11. Broithe

    Flintstones to Fiber broadband

    No way are you going to be able to type at that speed!
  12. Broithe

    Ballast pit pictures

  13. Broithe

    Flintstones to Fiber broadband

    I'm in a similar position to you, probably 80% of my phone calls (outbound) are international. I have a 'deal' from many years ago, no longer available to new entrants, and they keep trying to tempt me off it with speeds that I don't need, without mentioning the loss of the 'free' international calls. My broadband is laughably slow, apparently, but is quite adequate for me - and I do remember dial-up...

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