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  1. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Is it too early to ask if the Sleaford exhibition will be on again next year? I suspect a few more than just me might attend this time,,,
  2. GNR(I) memorial.

    I've had this sent on to me - it could be of some interest to others on here.
  3. Foolish drivers

    You don't even need a motor vehicle, an unsecured trampoline on a windy day will suffice.
  4. Kingsbridge - DCC / Electronics

    Actually, thinking about it a bit more, I might suggest using silver paint - it's generally just as opaque as black but is a better 'undercoat' for white. I generally use that for added opacity on the resin buildings, if they're going to be lit - in those circumstances you have the bonus of less light attrition from the paint surface.
  5. Kingsbridge - DCC / Electronics

    I wonder if it might be worth painting it black and then over-painting it white, to avoid 'bleed through'?
  6. Mmm, I also reside in the rump of the Empire, and I can't see them - though, I could see the one from the same source that the Wrenn Boy put up earlier, but I can't see that one now..
  7. Foolish drivers

    You can cause disruption, even if there is not a bridge available to hit.
  8. Ballybrophy.

    Indeed - quite a few things that I've never seen before, from when Ballybrophy was the centre of the Universe.
  9. Ballybrophy.

    I came across this picture for sale on eBay in Australia, but a search showed it to be from the NLI. http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000304509 I've never seen it before - the pinnacle of the station's importance..
  10. You need to find someone who was local, a child in the 1950s and took up smoking early.
  11. In caf├ęs, you might find tea adverts, as well, perhaps - there were/are very Irish-defined teas - Barry's, Campbell's, etc eBay pictures can be a good source of images, when you have decided what you're looking for.
  12. Dwans of Thurles was about then, in the minerals market, but I can't find any examples of adverts. There would be Ireland-specific cigarettes - Sweet Afton, Major, etc - but, never a smoker, so will have to defer to those with better knowledge..
  13. Murder on the Orient Express

    It would have been a Tipperary South registration, about 1985/6.
  14. Murder on the Orient Express

    Initially, I wondered if jhb was involved in the CGI stuff, as there was such attention to colours, but then I realised that everything was the right way up...
  15. Murder on the Orient Express

    Some details - http://www.atlasofwonders.com/2017/10/murder-orient-express-filming-locations.html

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