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    Sorry, just concerned that you might have your wallet in your back pocket and choke the poor chap..

    Is his mouth big enough?

    Other types of crock are available - choose wisely.
  4. Luas Breakdown

    Motorway planning in these islands is often 'entertaining' for the motorist. I live next to the M6, which is currently being turned into a "Smart Motorway"* - going from three lanes to four, by having people drive on the hard shoulder. Cars do break down a lot less these days, but it's a most unpleasant and dangerous experience when they do in those circumstances. If there is a big incident, the entire motorway is blocked, with no 'free lane' for emergency use. And there was the spur for the M54, which was only used by bin lorries going to the tip for the first ten years. And anybody who used the M5 in the '70s and '80s, when they spent a decade turning it from two lanes into three, may, like me, still have the habit of using the 'old road' as a preference. And the continuous widening of the M25. And using the M2 as a lorry park. Etc... * The official terminology, not what I would call it.
  5. Luas Breakdown

    There are underground stations in London where it is possible to get off the train, run up the stairs, along the street to the next station, down the stairs and get back into the same train.
  6. Luas Breakdown

    I dislike the unnatural distance between the rails, otherwise it seems OK.
  7. Models demand

    I've always felt that the once ubiquitous Hino would find a place on a few layouts.
  8. Probably DCC - they definitely have sound chips..
  9. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Dangerous tactics - managers in Lidl stores are going to be issued with their own diggers, so they can fight back.
  10. This is the I-35 crash in Iowa a few weeks ago - it's being widely circulated as the M62 crash yesterday, but it's clearly not that.
  11. Derry NIR Plans

    Dangerously political! Most people favour just 'station', as I do, this may be down to never living anywhere big enough to have any other sort of station - it does seem to be the urban types who use 'train station', as they usually have a bus station, and even a coach station, to contend with. Where I live now is around 70,000 and is held in widespread contempt for not having a bus station.
  12. Derry NIR Plans

    Interestingly (perhaps), my localised survey on the subject is currently running at 4/3 in favour of 'train station'. http://www.staffordforum.com/xf/index.php?threads/railway-station-or-train-station.19120/#post-366147
  13. Derry NIR Plans

    Some thoughts on the subject - https://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2011/oct/18/railway-station-or-train-station On the Big Island, there are often sharply bordered areas where one of the two forms is preferred, in speech, that is - it is still RS in most 'official' terminology. RS is still by far the general term, but TS is definitely gaining traction. My general usage would just be 'station', if I was talking about some other sort of station, then I would add 'bus' etc., as a prefix. That may be partly due to hardly ever having any other sort of station available locally, wherever I've lived. In this area, you will hear TS used mostly in the older Victorian urban areas, possibly because they did once have a variety of local station types?
  14. Media hysteria or not? Snow next week

    A 'weather event' is something weather-related that we think we can get away with calling "news", even though it's the sort of thing that often happens around this time of the year. This was the 22nd of March last year,

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