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  1. That's actually deadly, completely forgot about address pal! I will do!
  2. Great spot! Hopefully I'll snag one of the coaches!
  3. Ah its a beautiful coach, I haven't built up enough bits to do a kit bash, and don't have an air brush for painting so probably not the best to do a DIY job. I'll probably just order one of the RTR silverfoxes. That is a beautiful coach though! Really nice down to the small details!
  4. Ah thanks for the replies Noel and Jhb. I'll check out silverfox models for one. The top one there looks like the one I'll be after. Love the vents/chimneys on top of it. I've learned so much already! Can't wait until the loco arrives!
  5. Thanks for the picture Rob, I was thinking something entirely different. I'll have to keep an eye out for one. I have the craven with the orange bar above the windows. Would there have been a specific one in that livery or would this have been one they used for all of the craven versions?
  6. Thanks for the reply Jhb. I take it BR is a breaking coach? Do they look like regular coaches or are they the small coaches that have a little cabin/shed and a roof over it? Sorry if it's a silly question. I'll look at a few of the 42ft flat wagons maybe pick up a few of the Guiness wagons when they come out!
  7. Great stuff lads, thanks for the help! I'll have a look around and order one. I'll no doubt be back with more silly questions!
  8. Hi guys, Hoping you all could help me out. In the lockdown I found an old Hornby set in the attic which has ignited an interest in model railways. I'm starting to look at building an Irish railway. I managed to get a Craven Coach from Spain and got a Craven Snack Car from Mark's Models. I'll be looking to add another craven or two if they pop up online. Just a quick question, I'm planning on getting a class 71 to pull my 2 craven coaches. (And other Irish stock as it's added) I'm looking at the class 71 in the attached picture. Would it have been a loco that pulled craven coaches? Thanks in advance! Mick
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