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  2. Hi all Have got a little further but still stuck with the latching relay wiring and how to draw it properly regards John
  3. Hi all Just remember that non smoking coaches where also available back in the day as well and also some dubious 1/2 and 1/2 coaches. I think back in the day some of us got that Kippered on trains that we where lucky not to get served up for breakfast. I can remember smoking at the back of the bus not sure it was healthy for others but you where once allowed to smoke at the back of the bus I can also remember prospector rail cars being 1/2 smoking and 1/2 non smoking without the benefit of a dividing door or separate air conditioning systems. How things have changed. I also asked Hattons about Irish four and six wheel coaches and received a positive response so here is hoping regards John
  4. Hi dave182 Way to long std WAGR rail length for 3'6" gauge was 22' and that was pretend standard gauge, not a temp bog line I would suggest doing a search on Decauville (spelling) portable railway the track lengths where very short so a couple of men could just dump it on the ground bolt it up and get trains moving quickly in war time the English version Ex WD is probably what the Bord na mona use for temporary bog track with a more substantial "main line" regards John
  5. Hi David As far as I can tell yes I have seen a pictures of a wagon or two with Irish brewery names on them. So I assume the railways did the same otherwise their respective workshops, would be for ever be making fresh tarps instead of repairing and replacing as needed. Railway tarps tend to migrate all over the place and the respective railways like to get them back. Sometimes it takes a while. regards John
  6. Buz


    Hi all Of no interest to me hobby wise. That said a friend of mine has a couple of maglevs that where manufactured by Tomix the set comes with a station and speedometer More a toy than model I think but the thing really fly's along at the kind of speeds that would make a Scalectric racer proud. regards John
  7. Thanks interesting load of bits and pieces and a lot of pages to look at.
  8. Hi manicougan That's pretty small how and what do you see it developing into. regards John
  9. Hi all Looking at this thread I get the impression that crude though they may be by today's standards. That Hornby Dublo two rail tinplate tankers could possibly be used as Irish oil tankers. Is that a correct assumption I am only basing it on the pictures I know some one used to or does do a modern metal replacement wheel for them and someone does the wheel clip as they can fly or break due to age Not sure how you would deal with the coupling issue. something for the 3D experts to think about ?? But they would make a rather satisfying noise over the rail joints and points and in-spite of the crudeness they do have a railway like feel to them. regards John
  10. Hi all Well I am on an interesting ride that started with a 141 so thanks for that. if some rolling stock is on the menu please don't forget to invite me. So thanks for the locomotive and couple of coaches I managed to get. regards John
  11. Hi all This one is very shades of Madder Valley I need a lamp casting to finish this signal. I need a large old world type signal lamp with a single lens so I can finish the signal. Any suggestions would be welcome as to where I might get one the signal is nominally 4mm scale, but very much shade's of Madder Valley while still being loosely based on "ye olde" signalling practices. It's for the other project and has been sitting around unfinished long enough and I want to get the original long match stick and too small target version replaced. I originally thought old Triang Hydraulic buffer lamp. But don't have one I can rob in the junk box and it might not be quite big enough for an early lamp housing. So really any suggestions for a) what to use and b) where to get one would be most welcome. regards John
  12. Woops! nearly forgot diagram so you can work out what I am on about. regards John
  13. Hi all Having lost in a roof leak a while ago, my useful cct note book I put together over the years I am now in need of a cct and notes that was in it. The cct I need is how to have a twin coil solenoid driven signal stop a train in an isolated section and I can't remember it HELP!! As I am building single line, will a suitable value diode across the IRJ allow the passage of a train through the back of the signal if it is at stop. I plan on isolating only one rail, one rail should be enough ?? What value should the diode be given it could be receiving up to full track voltage through it nominally 12v that is if the idea works in the first place. But just how nominal the model rail controllers are I don't know and I don't want to be replacing diodes every five minutes if the idea works. Please do not try and convince me on the merits of the Mystic Dark Arts that is DCC I won't answer the question asked or be of any benefit to me either. regards John
  14. Hi all I consider factory weathering is often over done as is home brew weathering so I don't buy them unless I have absolutely totally no other choice. Nor do I weather my stock and for me graffiti is a complete and absolute NO NO. I much prefer my rose colored chocolate coated view of the world when it comes to model railways thanks, there is enough ugliness in the real world without moving it into the model train space to spoil that to. If you wish to sell me weathered stock I am quite happy to accept the very generous 70% to 90% discount you are offering me on weathered stock, which is a good indicator of what I think of weathered stock factory or other wise and how much it de-values and spoils the product. Those that have mastered the mystic art of weathering and get it right good luck to them that's their choice. But it's just not for me. regards John
  15. Hi all Why do you want more than one plough when all the ballast trains I have seen only have one if they have one at all and no ballast wagons available to go with them HUH!! that doesn't make sense. Which goes back to my Idea of having a small core of just enough Irish rolling stock permanently available so people can have full trains all be it short ones to go with there brand new Irish locomotive. While they wait for the all over the place rest of it to catch up with what else is needed / wanted. Eventually people will stop buying locomotives if they just can't get the rest of the trains to go with them. I know I will. That permanent availability is what's needed not a batch of something different and miss matched every year that you can't make a train from and more of them including singles packs not just multi packs. Why just merry go round stuff what about proper trains, you know the ones that have a locomotive up front and a guards van at the back. Don't say kits I don't do trains I can never get the wheels square no matter what I do never succeeded in having a working wagon from a kit unless some one else made it. I even have a botched very expensive S scale WAGR wagon on a shelf to remind me never to waste more money on wagon kits unless the manufacturer / retailer offers a quality construction service for it. We cannot all be good at every thing to do with the hobby some are some like me are not. regards John
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