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  1. Nice gesture by Mr Stewart https://www.irishmirror.ie/showbiz/celebrity-news/rod-stewart-donates-10000-after-16174397
  2. I detect a touch of weathering on the horizon Robert
  3. JasonB

    The Ultimate

    Alot of what would have been my Ultimate I luckily now have, with some still to come down the line. But like Rich, having a Mk3 push pull set would definitely be the dogs dangly bits. And along with that, something that can sometimes be overlooked. I'd love a high quality rtr Mk1 GSV to compliment my Cravens.And probably even more than that, the Dutch generator van (rebuilt) to run with my Mk2a's. I'd be a happy bunny with that lot
  4. Will just be consolation Broithe, it'll never be as good. I think I'll go off and sit in a dark corner with my Guinness
  5. Never thought I'd see the day when 97 points still wouldn't be enough to win a league title. So the wait goes on for that elusive 19th championship.1990 is beginning to feel like a very long time ago now
  6. Looks good to me Tony, that colour you've applied has definitely added to the appearance. Personally I think if you're happy with that, then move on. Otherwise you can find yourself going around in circles. We've all been there.
  7. Cheers Noel. That's my cement fetish satisfied for another week or so.
  8. I'm presuming it was enamel thinners that done the damage? They can be quite unforgiving at the best of times, and that's the risk you take if using them when weathering. Nice work though, really like the finish on them.
  9. Looks great. Baby GM's double heading a beet train always hits the spot
  10. Phones have moved on since 2001. Treat yourself to one for Christmas. You'll be surprised.
  11. You're not that far off. NIR purchased 6 C Class locomotives from CIE between 1986/87. Similar in appearance, but a smaller less powerful version of the A.
  12. Ivory, covered in cement spillage which has built up over time.
  13. Just noticed that last week Noel. Wasn't sure if it could be booked separately or was part of the package included in International Railtour. Thanks for the info
  14. Looks great Noel. Looking forward to getting mine up and running. An extremely dirty no.156 is waiting patiently in the siding, ready to take charge of the completed ballast train
  15. Raging I missed this. Looked like a great day out. I'll just have to wait until the next one. October's not that far away I suppose
  16. Great footage as always Ernie. Interesting shunting movements from 229 at Limerick Junction before continuing on. Always nice to see the Baby GM's in action at Drogheda, once a hive of activity with cement etc.
  17. Superb Tony, this just gets better and better as it progresses.
  18. A little late to the party on this one gents. But after a week away in the sun with Her Indoors, i finally got to open up that little box that was waiting for me when I got home. And I have to say I was blown away when I opened it.The detail on these babies is just phenomenal, and in my opinion the bar has been raised yet again. Along with all the obvious structures needed, it takes balls to go out and do something like this, especially when you take into consideration how small a market it is to operate in. Again, thank you IRM for making this possible. Respect.
  19. Nice shot of 071 & 088 on the Navan Branch. Always a reliable spot for some GM activity.
  20. Strange, very very strange.
  21. That's a seriously impressive piece of work Tony. Really enjoying watching this progress.
  22. Ooohhhh I've just had a vision of something very tasty. A Class, IR livery with dayglow panels. Hauling a rake of IRM 42' flats.. Bell's of course. Jasus, I'm starting to foam at the mouth. Time for a cold shower me thinks.
  23. Tasty, very very Tasty.
  24. As Fran has already said, the recession was the final nail in the coffin. But cement movements had already began to slow in the mid 2000's. And this was in the middle of the largest building boom this country had ever seen. Says alot about IE's relentless move away from freight at the time.
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