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Arboretum Valley, home to several stations including Goathland 00

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Jaz avalley

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A quick over view of Goathland station. I model it in the almost present, and also in the 60s. Goathland is a preservation station, and has been used for filming by Heartbeat the TV series And Harry Potter as well as other programmes, initially I am show ing station but I model part of the village as well. my colouring of the station aligns to my time line in the 60s, it is not as sooty as other times, nor has it been cleaned, so some photos are not a good colour match, but I am sure you’ll get the idea0EDBBD11-484C-4E5A-A3A2-7CE38E281D59.jpeg.36b16b22f05721351bcd702f7c8316f3.jpegthe real station for reference

and the model

981BC848-18B0-44F6-A2F8-78F287306226.thumb.jpeg.90ae5519205df2bf86302e57d75161ae.jpeg68886CFD-D834-4F0B-8F75-CC1E219651FF.thumb.jpeg.b27a405ebf82d4acb07e9be2ad1f182d.jpeg79536F56-1500-4603-A799-5E999A9AE7E5.thumb.jpeg.41c13a104434a3207acdb3c6f800d5c9.jpeg9F0FEBB0-8A98-4DDB-976F-EAEDB2BA9CBD.thumb.jpeg.c00707d9dfd8bb0819be0396e4493a4f.jpeg9876C036-FD9F-431D-8BBF-043904805123.thumb.jpeg.5e22ff3e4aa6e063053b5303aa7a1505.jpegD8CB9F6F-A83F-4B0A-9C12-E1EE1BD98F64.thumb.jpeg.c1406dee00c86eea21d3e8f7865706ca.jpeg094BFF21-B62E-4B71-9C57-5931EF3B7008.thumb.jpeg.b1e4a9f3a37aa2f6b9d267b811533988.jpeg01B1763E-F323-41CF-8FB2-29020367AA27.thumb.jpeg.0ee82e769a4cd4bba879d971b2fdb80f.jpeg hope this sets your appetite

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44 minutes ago, Jaz avalley said:

Specific photos reference and model pictures for more detailed comparison

fyi the buildings are resin bought in so the station buildings are not scratch builds or kits, I have weathered and added some signage but otherwise these are bought.56D02BCD-BFDE-474D-9F4D-093BA6858FDB.thumb.jpeg.a8fb105adea8fb34c5baf55469fe16ac.jpeg

All It’s missing a ford anglia police police car!


One of the few British station I came recognise, looks great

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The Ford Anglian is usually in the village


Thank you for the comments …


Cobbles, I use insulation foam, it is dust and I suspect sometime in the flute will be an asbestos type issue, but I treat it carefully not least because I have mild asthma.0DD0A6D0-D991-4870-BD6E-647A741BB613.thumb.jpeg.ae714fb3f733bc3256896ff04331c2d2.jpegB4B523F6-9356-4B6F-A730-AEA67BD2694B.thumb.jpeg.f75de75578cbbed774e508fb1298b2c4.jpeg6DA92F8A-A72A-4DD1-BEDF-ECFEB72F483F.thumb.jpeg.2e10e6b929a184ffb0d74a6ec2918ffa.jpeg I butchered a peco gate

I have found numerous good uses for the foam, but a little view of how I made them.


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Thank you, The foam is easy to carve,and afterwards any sculptured bits I usually glue or paint in order to strengthen them, modelmates concrete is good, but so is cheap house paint testers especially when being sold o f for peanuts.


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1 hour ago, Jaz avalley said:

More reference and model

As the cobbles have drawn attention I’ll show them off





with some atmospheric lighting, I have velux windows so natural sunlight can be used.



I'm curious about the cast iron signs on the two station doors. they are pure GNR(I) pattern! How did that come about?

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The doors  furniture I cannot explain, at least not for certain, in fact no one else has even mentioned it, so we’ll spotted: but I can guess, Goathland was closed in the closures, but was bought privately along with the rest of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway NYMR, at the time of closure there was a pedestrian crossing across the tracks, this was deemed unsafe and they purchased at least two walk over for the line from other closed stations, one ended up here at Goathland, I presume they were not above buying any other stuff they thought made the station better.

Plus it is something I can make and attach fairly easily, so thank you for pointing it out, the models are always pale and the reference pictures creamy,but anyone who paints their doors white knows the colour creams badly and the sun speeds the process, I have considered a number of time repaint those parts, which will make they look closer to the reference photos I have.

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If you buy the pallet loads, consider some kitchen cling film, these were plain I painted concrete added the red bar then the cling filmCDDFEFC3-469B-4644-80C2-A5B5D5543AE4.thumb.jpeg.0991d08fb55f3ed472dfc19805f51c39.jpeg89412BC5-3551-4631-AAC8-FFC33DD4AA6E.thumb.jpeg.4c500b939d8155b2d398fd37b1e76473.jpeg

i also painted some pallets blue, a large delivery company hires the pallets, and paints them blue in order to identify them…..hopefully they won’t come take back mine lol

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telephone box

BF4B21B9-6AF6-42C3-86DD-8A50FEB2FA79.thumb.jpeg.dd4f2fe0d70b9998e4707a0eb2d78ded.jpegreference1067218C-39E7-4387-8F5C-91569C77B804.thumb.jpeg.53ad26b5f25b91faab105a49380e20c9.jpegnice model but screams model9436B8A0-7B1D-4BF8-B4E4-11D4F0B353A7.thumb.jpeg.29e9c166f9ed32448081d1fa16001863.jpeg

add a little thinned black to dribble into cracks and sone thinned white for light reflection


i haven’t done it yet but I think sone gloss on the glass panes will improve it more adding reflection

you May notice I added thinned black to the post box also, and solid black where the letter pops in,as it would be in shadow6C0BC3C5-3B0E-47C4-8F65-BEFF287537E1.thumb.jpeg.afaa2d93e72353f18cf4aa47f2eba677.jpeg764C5F70-AD96-4C06-BE2B-72BDFFB15B74.thumb.jpeg.70641b2aa44b5912af9801293fd09e8e.jpegit looks over kill but it photographs better like this


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