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So the mods have been good enough to give me my own sandbox to play in & I thought I would put it to good use.


There has been quite a bit of interest in the models I have developed over the recent past, and some have even ventured far enough to put cash money on the table for some of my models - you know who you are, and many thanks.

This is the first tentative steps into providing a source of models in various scales, and initially will be for DWWR / DSER rolling stock, and who knows, perhaps some kits for locos in the future.  The DWWR / DSER were one of the big four operating on the Island prior to amalgamation, however a huge amount of information has been lost over time.  Finding information has proved difficult, and some of the models offered here will be interpretations of what the particular stock would have looked like as best as can be ascertained from the information available.  In these instances I will clearly indicate where interpolation has been used to fill in the gaps, so bear with me.  If anyone can provide amplifying or clarifying information on the assertions I put forward, I would be glad to hear from them.  The goal here is to provide the most accurate historical information possible - oh, and to create some models on the way.


At this point, I propose to provide 3D models printed & cured, but not finished to allow the modeller finish them as they wish.  These models will be available in various guises depending on what is required - basic will be body only, additional options will be chassis, brakes, buffers, drag hooks, roof, and NEM pocket for OO Gauge.  This is not intended to be an exercise in adding costs, more a case of allowing modellers to chose what they want.

Some kits may be provided as brass etches to allow modellers build the model themselves and will be similar to other etch kit solutions.


I propose to create a new topic for each of the models which will include information on the history of the model, details on what options are available (including scales) as well as put some ideas of costs as best I can.   A this point it will probably be best to contact me directly through PM if you want to order anything & we can take it from there.


OK then, here we go.....






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Ken / bit of a cheeky question but would it possible to purchase a ‘DSE Drawing Book’ ? I’m not sure I want to pitch your fine wagons side by side with my efforts but I’d love to have a go at scratch building a few with your most helpful drawings - esp if there was a bespoke 7mm version. Cheeky question but just felt I had to ask ;) 

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On 6/12/2021 at 8:57 PM, Galteemore said:

I’m not sure I want to pitch your fine wagons side by side with my efforts

That's a fine backhanded compliment, right there.  Your work is excellent - no need for the modest blushes.


On 6/12/2021 at 8:57 PM, Galteemore said:

DSE Drawing Book

To be honest, it never occurred to me, not being of the book writing type.  If I were to do a book it would be quite far off in the future!

In the interim, if you would like drawings of any particular wagon, just drop me a PM & we will see what we can do.  The outline drawings I have provided can be annotated further - I limit the amount of dimensions, as to add to much would obscure the drawing, particularly when viewed on the forum here.  It is not my intention to hide these drawings or secret them away, as given the lack of information on the DSER, it would be remiss of me not to allow my limited research to a wider audience.


Drop me a note if you want to discuss further.


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I would very much welcome something like this too.

CIE appear to have started a major purge of ex-DSER stuff quite early on - from the late 1940s. Also, little DSER stuff seems to have migrated to other lines, so any information on such things would be very welcome indeed, and you are to be greatly commended for sharing the fruits of your research.

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Here is a typical cattle wagon of an earlier generation (1880s - 1920s). The shorter wheelbase was the norm on all railways back then, not just the DSER. This wagon is obviously of GSWR origin. Examples of many varieties of older wagons of this length were still in use in a few cases just about into the "black'n'tan" era - certainly in 1960/1.

The massive wagon building programme of the 1955-65 period in Inchicore put paid to all old designs very quickly, though.

IMG_1963 (2).JPG

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