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Some kit built EMUs, DEMUs and DMUs

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I remember those CL 305 or something similar. We used to ride on them from Bescot/Walsall into New Street and back and they were very bouncy going fast!

Love the Bombay Emu and the Hindi/ Sanskrit ? transfers? brilliant.

Now I know those Midland coaches are in safe hands.

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Class 156 DMU - not “kit built” but modified Hornby with detailed under frame etc.









Class 171 4-Car unit.  Again not “kit built” but a Bachmann 2-Car unit augmented with re-painted centre cars.








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I watch, open-mouthed, your procession of kit-built stock, Darius.

The older Southern EMUs were a real blast from the past - loved the 2HAL unit.

We had EPB units on the Bracknell / Reading line in the 1980s and when I went up to London, I knew where to find the de-rated 1st Class section which had seats you sank into. Made your Standard Class trip a lot more comfortable!

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Great collection, a great example of what could be achieved with MTK and DC kits and scratchbuilding in plasticard, that Bombay EMU is definitely fits into the something completely different category

I have a soft spot for the older Southern Region EMUs & DEMUs from weekend day trips around London during the late 80s the sheer variety of stock and level of intensity of operation was an eye opener for someone who thought the lines out of Connolly Station were busy😉

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