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Can this be used on an irish layout?

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Is that the same one JHB, slightly different window panels aside?


Just eyeballing it, I reckon it's on a 52ft chassis, and that of a crappy 57 ft Hornby LMS/Dapol Stanier chassis would be a perfect donor. Above the buffer plate though, it's a simple cut and shut of about 5 different goods wagons.. A glorious looking thing that would look perfect after a black and tan, at the end of a rake of a mixed goods train.


Seamus, send that puppy down to me and I'll make sure that "opening door feature" is no longer a problem.. Where did I leave my surgeons saw???



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Yes, Glenderg, it is. The windows were originally single as shown on the first pic. The triple window on your pic was a UTA amendment I think - I doubt if the GNR amended them thus, but I would stand to be corrected. The UTA painted them brown. I am not sure what way CIE painted them, if indeed they had any - perhaps, with so many "tin vans" being built CIE had less need for them and maybe didn't use them?

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There is a photo of 780 on the end of a train at Bundoran junction in Desmond Coakham's Irish Broad Gauge Carriage book. much simpler outline without the vertical angle irons in the work photo earlier in the thread simple arc roof.


Should be simple enough to do a plasticard box body with Evergreen Planking overlays on an old Hornby Stanier underframe, change the wheels to Hornby or Bachmann wagon wheels.


Apart from the 16t cement vans and cement hoppers all GNR rolling stock was divided 50/50 beetween UTA & CIE so at least 6 should have gone to CIE even if they were never re-painted.

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