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Irish Rail

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A couple of small additions to the Docklands station including painted yellow safety line, warning signage in Irish and update on station flagmans office at the end of the platform with some IE signage, glazing and steel security door.

Some new parking restrictions signage has gone up around the harbour too. 




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New to the Docklands today is the iconic Fitzgeralds pub.. with direct lines straight from the Guiness brewery next door you wont find a pint of plain fresher then that.. 🍺 

"Assumpta" is looking forward to being open the bars doors once again once the lockdowns allows..🤣

This is a alphagrahix kit I bought in 1997 in the old Dun Laoghaire toy & train fair as a wee modeller 👶


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Some ballasting upto the fence line & more scenery added today..  painted some of the excellent Faller roadway paint to create more tarmac and rearranged the ports buildings to form some of Dublin port company operation areas/depot for their essential workers 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️

More road markings to be added..


Pictures include

Outlook from the oil terminal with traffic on the mainline.

Ports new offices accommodation and depot building.

Rearranged the fisheries centre location. 

All in all I think the flow works better too with the changes.










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1 minute ago, JasonB said:

Nice work on the signs. Sometimes the smallest of details make all the difference. 

Totally agree.. I like taken note of what I see in the real world to replicate what I'm trying to achieve in the modeling world or as my missus calls it.. day dreaming.. 🤣

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11 minutes ago, JasonB said:

I notice they're fairly close to Fitzgerald's. It was always handy back in the day, when you could nip across to the atm when indulging in the local watering hole. 

Your thinking is the same is the same as mine 😂 

Just now, Midland Man said:

Lovely scene

your missing one thing and that's a digger.

Watch this space 😉

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Some new additions today new handmade Pay & Display Machines & Signage.. a handmade new "Eye in the sky" CCTV masts keeping a close eye on the locals ⚠️ and a excellent Shedring Hobbies code3 models & accessories Garda Traffic Corp bike 👮‍♂️.. the Quayside is really starting to come to life just have install some appropriate railing to stop anyone falling in 🙈








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