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The next section of my layout a 4x2 ft board is now finally attached to my existing 6 ft port scene.. This will feature a small docklands terminus station which is to the rear of the Harbour House office block as seen in the pictures along with a cruise ship passenger terminal, a customs house, some low relief pubs & hotels, the port security entrance and finally what all seaside towns need a funfair and promenade.




It's also been moved to its new home in my garage.







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No problem. I've read you can use gloss spray varnish to seal them too.


I would not recommend any old spray varnish. I used spray varnish on a decal sheet many years ago, and whilst it did the job on decals used straight away, those decals that were saved for later turned out useless, as the varnish hardened and the decals would no longer lie flat on the model. I now use an artists sealer, available from art supply shops. Varnished decals also do not respond to decal softener fluids.

The other better option, and my first choice, is to use laser decal paper, as opposed to inkjet decal paper. You get a better finish to the decal, and it does not require sealing. You need to have access to a laser printer, but if not, your local print shop will print off your word file.

A word of warning though, about decal paper. There are different qualities out there, and finding the right one could be expensive. I recently got a decal sheet printed at my local print shop on paper supplied by them. The decals printed fine, but they turned out to be too brittle, and would not soften for application to curved surfaces. I then got the sheet reprinted on my own paper, obtained from http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/category/Decals and the results were perfect.

Remember also that computer printing requires a light background, so decals printed on clear decal paper will only work when applied to a light background. For dark backgrounds you need to use white decal paper, and, where necessary, match and print the background colour round the decal if you cannot cut out the decal without leaving an edge. You may also have to touch up the edge of the white paper decal, as the edge may show traces of white where the decal has been cut.

The picture below shows coaches with laser printed white paper decals.



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The Harbour Police Station.




This evening the Ports Fire Service appliances a Dennis RS & Landrover Defender the fire piquet attend a fire alarm activation at Port Fingals Murco fuel terminal..The Harbour Police secure the traffic on the quayside while a Iarnród Éireann Commuter DMU passes on main Dublin - Belfast line.









Loads of progress today.. 4 point motors installed and tracks ballasted and pinned.. My dad & I ran our first trains ran on the new extension which will be my docklands area.. now some ballasting to be done then time for town planners to design the town  lots of activity planned such as a Harbour Police station, Fire diaroma, train station , funfair and town scene full of visiting tourists and hens & stag parties arriving by train & ship :trains:






The Ports Customs House & District Court is next up for being built..

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999 Emergency... The Port Control Tower observes smoke billowing from a container in the container lanes.. The Ports Fire Service immediately dispatch "Rescue 1" a Dennis RS and the ports HAZMAT unit "Rescue 2" a 1996 Reg Mercedes 310.. The container manifest number is checked and assessed to ensure no hazardous materials on board.. Its OK its only holds tobacco!! ... A Dublin Harbour Police V70 estate establishes a outer cordon..













The new Port entrance will include a Harbour Police security checkpoint with barriers, cctv and ramps etc..




Docklands Station which will feature a single track terminus to cater for DMU traffic is under planning ;)




Loading dock for fisheries centre.






A Harbour Police Ford Transit "Incident Control Unit" Van passes the Harbour Fishery Centre.




My newest build a 1/87 Kibri Island Ferry.

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Afternoon Paul,


The Ship is Play mobile ship I bought in market in Berlin and then added a more scale bridge




The container crane is Lima model kit which is still readily available online not to expensive either..




Thanks for the comments I've a few surprises coming next week or so too.. won't be huge additions in size but will add an air of realism.



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Delighted with the progress with my layout and this section Port Fingal..We Built and added the first pier of the port 2ft x 1ft and my first waterline for some of my boats to go on. The pier will house the Passenger Terminal Building for ferry and cruise ships.. Tacked & ballasted the track for my first ever train station!!   the docklands station which is a single track terminus for DMU traffic..




A Arrow DMU passes an Commuter DMU on the Dublin - Belfast mainline.




Buildings on the quayside include the Customs House, Harbour Police station & No.1 Harbour House office block.




On the far left the Harbour Police Security checkpoint which form part of the Ports main entrance.






The waterline of the harbour/marina.




The footprint of the docklands station I still have work to do on the platform and ballasting etc..

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Thanks mate :) have to build the Harbour wall next and ive yet to decide what method to use to represent water.. which im still researching


I've built a small collection of scale boats to fill the waterline with and would like to build a small promenade and possible a band stand.. then some half relief buildings pubs/hotels etc.. to add..


I sourced a fitting building to become the passenger terminal building which is on the building list which will have usual bus stops and drop off zone parking like in any modern port.

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The guard on the evening oil train brake van noticed fuel leaking whilst it was under shunt.. He notified the engine driver who returned to the siding and immediatly shut engines off. Irish Rail contacted the Port Control Centre and the ports emergency fuel plan was innacted... The new fleet arrivals were put straight into action.. Operations 2 or call sign Ops 2 monitored clean up of fuel and Harbour Police 'Hotel Papa 4' secured the scene with the Ports Fire Services Rescue 1 & Rescue 3 in attendance too.. Irish Rail also on site...















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Irish Rail Operations Manager & Engineering Support Team on site today for the newest addition to the fleet a IE Windoff MPV.. Having been off loaded from a cargo ship overnight.





The ports cctv keeps a watchful "eye" on the awaiting train spotters awaiting her first run out.. :trains:






Operations 2 provides a wide load/specialist vehicle escort to ports mobile crane.

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The whole area is starting to look busy,with plenty going on, without a train in sight,nice modelling



Thank hunslet, trying to use the details to help bring the layout alive just like in real life ;) Great satisfaction trying to add the tiny details.


Ballasting and platforms coming soon so there will be more loco action

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Not much progress recently due to renovating the house being the priority :)


My good Michael Hand has been slaving on this beautiful example of a DVT which will feature in Fingal County.


With lights recently added and working it's a beautiful example of what's to come if the completed set with accompanying Mk4 carriages.




Irish Rail DVT Mk 4 Headlights




Rear Red Lights




More lighted vehicles coming soon to from Shedring Railways in Scotland.. including new Port Shuttle Bus

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Some of the Port Services fleet.




Port Fire Service "Rescue 1" Appliance.




Harbour Police, Port Fire Service & Port Operations Officers & the Harbour Master on the fisheries quayside for suspected persons in the water.




Port Operations take advantages of quiet time in the lanes conducting a training exercise. Anti Collison beacons all running while on tracks..

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