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Fingal Port & Harbour to date..


Still a lot more to do but its getting there.. This is the modern port im building that will be a central part of my layout.


The port is located in the fictional Fingal County which is located to north of Dublin & Meath. The small but busy port is operated and owned by Dublin Port Company and is used as an overflow port to the busy Dublin port.


Fingal Port features its own Oil terminal and container terminal along with other industry units inculding a fish/seafood processing plant, bulk good warehouse and logestics company aswell.


And most importantly its own busy railway sidings which will be a hive of activity with planned container trains, oil fuel wagons, timber and also bulk goods on open wagons such as guinness kegs, ballast etc etc...




082 (formally IE177 )exits the ports entrance on to the Dublin-Belfast line




The Harbour Police have been busy clamping an illegally parked car in front of the ports control center and container crane.




The port container crane transfer a 40" container to awaiting artic




Bantry Bay Seafood company processing plant on the left.




Fuel being transfer to oil road tanker




View of the oil loading dock used for transferring fuel to 20ton oil tankers












New arrivals to my layout thanks to my good friend Michael Hand and his son Simon who built and painted/weather these great models for me! There adapted Dapol 20ton oil tanker along with scratch built barrier wagon and IR Brake van.




Evening time and its all the sidings are almost full awaiting the arrival of evening cargo ship..




A new arrival and purchase by the Port Company a Volvo L180C timber carrier picked up in Manchester at the weekend!




The Volvo tractor removes precut timber logs from the Mercedes low loader waiting for the waterford bound OTA timber wagons (when ever Bachmann realise them!!! Grrr) to arrive and load them on to them!




082 departs the yard with two container flats and two of Charlie Pettys Bulk drums i picked up at MRSI show on board heading for the cola cola factory out west..




The container crane has two Bulk container loaded and another two to ready to go!



Our attic is almost finished being insulated thanks to the old man! and when it is the Port and along with the next stages of the layout will be moved into its permanent position and rest of the layout can begin to form and take shape.


New Arrivals to the layout include the MM Mk2D Restaurant and EGV (when its on sale) in IE Orange and planing also to get two Bachmann IE Commuter units in December along with a few of the new MM new 201s! still drolling over them...




In preparation for the arrival of the new MM 201 next year! I have commissioned my good and talented friend Simon Hand who painted and made the Irish Rail oil wagons,barrier wagon and break van i have. He has agreed to under take to paint and adapt some Hornby BR Mk4s and DVT, I have into the modern IE intercity livery that runs between Dublin and Cork!


The carriages will run with the new Murphys Models 201s due to be released next year in the modern intercity livery


The train will be made up of the following


5 x Hornby Mk4 Carriages (1 x City Gold,2 x TSO Open,1x Catering,1 x DVT)

1 x MM 201 GM loco










I cant wait to see them on track!




The next part of my layout to be built is the adjacent to the port is a harbour/seaside town.. Like most major seaside towns i remember visiting as a child i remember funfairs and amusements! All the bright flashing lights and cheesy dance music! So today i finally bit the bullet and bought some of the Faller fairground kits seen below that i have drolling over for a while! Ah hell all this O/T has to be worth something! ha


The funfair will be a central part of the my seaside town and will be a attraction for hoards of young and old to visit it using my Commuter DMUs and the rest to keep my station busy!








The funfair is made up so far of swing chair,bouncy castle,ferris wheel and swinging boats. I hope to also get some form of dodgem type ride in time! Looking forward to getting the rides made up and lit! and of course playing them cheesy dance tunes too...



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Cheers mate loving the new site! I have taken a break from it over past few months but as usual the bug bites again so the next stage is currently on the drawing board in front of me as we speak... :banana:


It is the top end of the port and will feature a half relief logistics distribution center, port fire station, port admin office, and Harbour Police checkpoint (Security entrance to the port) which is a Knightwing portacabin along with Barriers.




Its all in the detail.. :)


Then following on from that on the opposite side of the tracks facing the port is a small country town of Ballinamore.

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Looks great - I was a big fan on the previous site :)


How did you achieve the concrete hardstanding - looks very effective!


I used the Metcalfe Models tarmac card sheets measured them up and applied delighted with the finish myself want that touch of realism like you see in Dublin Port, I still have to add a few weed peeking out of some of the cracks in it though :)


@DJ Konore appreciate the comments man I'm looking forward to it aswell! Nothing like spending hour detailing a layout i find it extremely calming & relaxing...

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Always thought this layout had a great sense of realism, keep up the great work, ESP on that dvt!


Cheers Fella.. Im currently sitting here with my next set of drawings in front of me while watching the tube :o.. Im pleased with the progress so far! I think the next section will go well with the port.


DVT is going to be a nice addition with the Intercity 201 I got last christmas.

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Like many of you the best part of this hobby is the fact you can dip in and out of it over the years...I've been on the AWOL list of late.. The joys of recently buying my own new place and am in now process of renovating it then going to move the layout in..


Great catching up on the new and old layouts on here.. Some super layouts on here.. Hope in the near future to be updating my layout :)

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  • 9 months later...

Taking advantage of the Marks Model sale and recently buying a house and gutting it. I've finally a new home for my layout :)


Now the most difficult part is the move from the parents attic to my place in one piece so fingers crossed :trains:


Full steam ahead :cheers:



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It's an wet & windy here so no better way to plan out the expansion by having the stove lit & a good war movie on the TV. .


Admiring my new purchases too.. :trains:


The extensions should measure 8 foot by 2 or 4 foot so now go the drawing board..


Thanks for welcome back lads :cool:



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Welcome back IR & well done, you had certinately done a lot to that layout since I first seen it in 2012, when I used to be working, now very happily retired, & now you have moved you'll have a great chance to build what you want. I do remember seeing the container crane & the clamped car, ( poor bugger ) & as you'er now building a new layout, I'll be watching with great interest, I'm starting planning mine at this time, so keep the pics coming, & the best of luck. I had not seen the two oil drums before, mind telling me where you got them, PS I can feel the heat from that stove even here !!!

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An old photo but one of my favourites busy evening in the port as the last of the liner traffic is unloaded for the evening cargo ship. A commuter DHU heads towards the seaside town of Ballinamore. An IE "Support Unit" Mitsubishi Shogun 4x4 Jeep can also been in foreground.




One of my creations for my garda fleet along with my oxford discast examples..



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The ports mobile crane readies itself for loading of bulk goods into lower hold.




IE171 slows as it enters the fuel loading siding.




A Harbour Police Constable man's a vehicle check point into part of the ports security restricted area.




A good mix of freight takes up the sidings including OTA Timber wagon, container flats and a full fuel train.




The MV TITAN which is flagged out of Galway is ready for loading.

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The next section of my layout is taking a shape.. A 4'Ft x2'Ft section which will feature the ports entrance, Dockands train station and the seaside town of Ballinamore


photo 2.jpg


The docklands station will be a spur line off the main Dublin - Belfast line. The Station platform is connected the rear of the office block.


photo 1.jpg


Exciting times ahead :trains:

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The method I used at the time was first to get the photos online from Google images etc that best matched my needs usually or from emergency vehicles photo sites etc.. then attach them to a word document and then trial and error printing them in b&w to get the correct size and then once happy I simply printed them to water slide paper etc..


Hope this helps mate :)

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The method I used at the time was first to get the photos online from Google images etc that best matched my needs usually or from emergency vehicles photo sites etc.. then attach them to a word document and then trial and error printing them in b&w to get the correct size and then once happy I simply printed them to water slide paper etc..


Hope this helps mate :)


What transfer paper do you use? Does it need to be sealed after printing?

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