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On this day....

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.... 5 years ago.


20th March 2008:


- 192 misbehaved while on the Heuston Pilot and had to be rescued by 211. http://smu.gs/YGKkxz

- A laden timber train from Inchicore to North Wall! The North Wall - Waterford timber got into difficulty and was turned back at Inchicore thus giving the rare sight of a laden timber train heading into the Phoenix Park Tunnel. http://smu.gs/YGKC7q


192, 211 or the Timber Train are no longer daily sights at Heuston.


The Wanderer.

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Thanks for the encouraging reply folks.


Here's another one.


.... 3 years ago.


- the points and crossings at Cherryville Junction were renewed during an overnight possession on the 20th and 21st March 2010. Here is a selection of pictures from the early hours of Sunday Morning 21st March 2010.



The Wanderer.

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On this day 3 years ago......


Heuston Station on Tuesday 22nd March 2010 featuring the first arrival of a MKIII set at the terminus since September 2009. Eight MKIII Coaches 7615 7104 7102 7129 7411 7113 7121 7146 were reinstated from store for the IRRS / The Railway Children Fund railtour on Saturday 24th April 2010. The set was transferred from Inchicore for watering of the coaches and fuelling the EGV by 225. 225 returned to Inchicore and was replaced by 078 and remained with the set overnight in Heuston.



085 hauling a Ballast Train from Tullamore to North Wall.



The Wanderer.

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On this day 1 year ago on March 24th 2012 the RPSI operated the Spare Link Railtour to Wexford to mark the retirement and acknowledge the assistance over the years to the RPSI of driver Dan Renehan.


The route was:

Dublin - Dunboyne - Rosslare - Wexford on Saturday 24th March 2012

Wexford - Wicklow - Howth - Dublin on Sunday 25th March 2012


A two-day, steam hauled event featuring the recently re-opened line to Dunboyne, the scenic Dublin and South Eastern line along the East Coast and a return to steam on the Howth branch


This was a great social weekend and is know to some of us as the "Wexford Incident" for various reasons.


The pictures from the entire weekend of 24th and 25th can be viewed at http://smu.gs/GVcT5R


The Wanderer.

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On this day 5 years ago....


Monday 14th April 2008 was the final day of service for the BREL International Rake after 12 years of service with Iarnrod Eireann.


The coaches were built in 1986 and were designed as a promotional 'International' Train being an opportunity to showcase the talents of BREL with a view to acquiring orders from BR and from other countries.

They were similar to Mk3 coaches with BT10 bogies but had a slightly different body profile and, for the first time on main line stock in the UK, automatic sliding doors and a maximum speed of 110 mph. The coaches were put into service on a Euston-Manchester diagram for a short period later that year but were withdrawn from passenger service and were subsequently used extensively for test loads with the class 89 locomotive. After languishing in Derby for a number of years the ten coaches were eventually sold to Iarnod Eireann in 1994 and extensively refurbished - including fitting with new T4 bogies.


In service with IE the coaches spent most of their life on the Dublin - Galway route operating the 07xx Heuston - Galway, 11xx Galway - Heuston, 14xx Heuston - Galway, 18xx Galway - Heuston services and were branded "Cul na Mara". For the final couple of years they were withdrawn from the Galway route and they spent their remaining time mostly working the Westport route.


Coach 6208 was the odd one out in the fleet. Purchased some time after the main batch it recieved the BT22 bogies from scrapped MKIII vehicle 7111 and operated for the most of its life in MKIII sets. For a brief period it was numbered as a MKIII vehicle 7173 (I have a photograph of it in Heuston yard numbered as such) but was soon renumbered to 6208.


The final working of the International set was on Monday 14th April 2008 when 204 worked the 0915 Galway - Heuston and the set was withdrawn after arrival at Heuston. 6208 was true to form and was to be found on the 0715 Tralee - Heuston hauled by 205. This was also removed from the MKIII set upon arrival at Heuston.


The following day a 9 car rake of International vehicles was transferred to North Wall for storage, but due to a signalling error the train ended up in Connolly!!! It returned to Heuston and a 2nd attempt was made on the 16th April which did make North Wall on that occasion!


A couple of photos of the last days of the Internationals.

Sunday 13th April at Tullamore: http://smu.gs/ZTws39

Monday 14th April at Heuston: http://smu.gs/ZTwyYx

Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th transfers to North Wall: http://smu.gs/156MRcF


For more information on the BREL internationals visit the excellent train testing website which also includes details of 6401's and 6501 (which never entered service with IE) trip to the IVA88 Exhibition at Hamburg. http://www.traintesting.com/International_train.htm


The Wanderer.

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