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The Tube (BBC)

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Leslie ash ? no thanks Jules Holland and Paula Yates tyne tee tv ah those were the days.

or the itv - sky real lives series , the BBC one is a continuation series from the three series made for sky and itv London that was shown in the early 2000s

each series contained 6 episodes and ran from 2003 to 2006,

some of the staff that appeared in the early series are also in the BBC one.


well worth a look at video 125 distribute the original 3 series on two DVDs


I understand the show may be availabe on bbc dvd if the demand is high enough and that another series is tobe commisioned

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Its a great little show, even though I don't really consider the tube trains much. Its the people, places, and stories that make it enjoyable. There is also a show called Ghosts of the Underground which was on national geographic- its available free on the web, a good show that's not too cheesy.

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