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Irish Rail Trucks/ Guinness Shunting trucks

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Hi guys, another truck question! Anyone remember back in the 90's a couple of trucks knocking round Pearse Station and Hueston Station that were painted in the IR livery? I'm looking for some pics. If my memory serves me right they were 20' box trucks, maybe Hino or Mitsubishi, and I think one of them had 'parcels' or 'newspapers' written on the side.


Also, any pictures of the 'Road Liner' trucks drawing Guinness kegs to/from Hueston. I passed all this nearly every day of the week as a teenager and never once thought to take any pictures, even though I had such an interest! You don't thing these things will ever change! I'm thinking that they were yellow ERF cabs and shunter tractor units.Again, any pics?

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Thanks yet again guys for coming up with the goods! Well done on the Mitsubishi Glenderg, can't believe it's still kicking about. This Fred Dean guy seems to have photographed just about every asset that CIE have ever owned! Is he active on this site? Known to members? He really illustrates the importance of continuously recording things because they are gone before you know it!


Anyways, thanks for the help on my last couple of queries, I'm gonna have a go at a couple of vehicles while I'm wait to build a layout. I think what you see on the line side and in yards can really complete a scene, especially when it comes to vehicles.

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Ha, I remember those Mitsubishi trucks. There was one sitting in the yard in Longford for ages. I think the all-over black trucks had 'Rail Link' logos on the box sides...


Think you recall right. I mist admit I preferred the old Bedford TKs. I seem to remember them as flatbeds with either a tail lift or a dropside at the end and small old style containers on them. Anybody know of any pics of them?

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these any good?....




Only saw one of those in the flesh once, as I was waiting to get another bus home from school. It must've been around 1995 or '96 and it looked like it was on its last legs. Still had the CIE roundel...

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Sorry to reopen this thread. I came back to reference the picture of the mitsubishi truck in Irish rail colours (first link in Glendergs reply) but the link is broken. I've searched and searched on line but no joy. Anyone have that picture?! One of them kicking around Longford for a few years.

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