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K's 00 scale white metal locomotive kits (1970s)

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Back in the days when cobbled motorways were in black and white, there was a firm called K's in ngland who made white metal kits of (for the day) an amazing array of locomotives - all, fairly obviously, of British origin; mostly pre-BR.


It occurred to me even then that many would lend themselves to kitbashing to make up Irish prototypes. I had one of their catalogues for years but must have discarded it a long time ago. Does anyone know anything about this firm, its kits, or what became of either?

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Is this - http://www.kemilway.com/peter-k.html - anything to do with it..?


Ks produced mainly complete loco & wagon kits from the late 1950s onwards. Wills now South East Finecast & GEM mainly produced whitemetal body kits to fit on Hornby Dublo and Triang Chassis.


Peter K produced a range of "unusul' etched brass kits in the 1980s.


Apart from the Wills or DJH Woolwich its probably easier to try and modify a rtr model or start from scratch than build an Irish loco out of these kits, but its worth checking out RM Web for opinion on these kits, Ks seem to have been pretty notorious, while Wills quite highly regarded.



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K's were bought by Autocom , who also bought Nu-cast & Millholme.

Autocom used to attend the UK shows but I have not seen them attending in the last eight years.

Their e-mail is nu-cast@supanet.com.


The man behind Autocom recently retired, so Autocom NuCast is no more.


If you have to be blunt, they were years behind the game yet the kits cost an absolute fortune, and there was no money to re-tool or improve the range; the future in Irish steam outline, by contrast, is with SSM and its brethren.

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