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BCDR Ballynahinch Junction

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Hi all - I'm new to the forum, and well impressed at the upsurge in Irish railway modelling and the quality of it, so well done to everyone and keep it up. My own layout is a reproduction in OO of the former station at Ballynahinch Junction on the former mainline of the Belfast & County Down Railway. I chose this location due to a family connection (bad pun) and after a few years of planning and construction it was eventually completed. The layout is now on display in the magnificent new carriage gallery of the DCDR at Downpatrick, and has been located in the appropriate setting of the former BCDR Royal Saloon, which has been preserved at Downpatrick. I have created a Facebook page with a photographic record of the building of the layout so please feel free to have a look and give me your thoughts:




The page also includes extensive galleries of my photographs of mostly disused railway locations around Ireland.


Family and work commitments have meant that the railway modelling is on hold for now but I fully intend on making a return!





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Hi Dave - thanks for the positive comment! Much appreciated! I managed to take a few hundred photos during the building of the layout, as well as a few hundred more during numerous site visits to what remains of the station, and they're all on the FB page - the best gallery I think is this one:



I should point out that most of the locos and rolling stock were built and loaned by Colm Flanagan, with the model of the branch diesel made by Johnny Prescott in England and loaned by Ken Ball. Maybe some day I'll venture into the scary world of scratchbuilding the appropriate locos myself! Most of the wagons are from Leslie McAllister's excellent Provincial Wagons range.


Thanks again Dave - glad you liked it!

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You are very very welcome Patrick!


I've followed the layout on facebook for a while and it's a joy to see you here!


Did you manage to take any video?


Thanks! Glad to hear you've been on the FB page and thanks for the welcome!! I have a few videos but the FB page doesn't seem to like them :( there are a few in this album though:




Thanks everyone for the kind words and welcome!

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Gents, for those interested in traditional music, our new friend above is an absolute master; he organised the trad groups which played on the DCDR Paddy's Day trains a few years back. I am sure he will blush appropriately; a great pleasure to hear. (He even has a saint's day named after him....)

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