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The Eighties

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If in a shop you ever asked for a "package of tayto and a tin of coke" you'll be transported back with these two fabulous photostreams. Some unique wagons, formations and buildings.






Ah, God be with the days...:cool:



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So what flavour Richie, if this was Dungeons and Dragons, would you be chaotic evil or Neutral Good :)


Oh Des, shur don't ya know that politics is a no-no here. (Twas the fella out on the Ballysimon road that had the banner "last free corner of Ireland" I voted for :P


Anyhoo, I've found a resource of photos that I thought worth sharing with you lads. The copyright is a bit dodge as I've seen many of these tagged on Flickr pages and such, but nonetheless, if you like your Class 80's NIR and CIE, supertrain, B&T, this should tickle your fancy. Click on the photos to get a large decent res version.




and for the steam enthusiast, narrow gauger, tramway fan, and everything in between, here's the global search link.




Not all photos expand in detail, but it's just another resource for anyone searching for obscure topics that rarely shows up on traditional searches, like the big foot of Irish Railways, the E Classes.......Rich.

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Party Rosette....images of a best-in-show winning pony at the RDS with the text on it reading "I've had my bran mash and that's all that matters!"


Great selection of photos by the way Richie.




Mallow? Early 90's, the GSRPS graveyard?

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