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Dublin bus cityswift 39 // 39a

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As I only said to my chauffeur the other day, "Ones heart really goes out to poor working class sods who are committed to the use of public transport!"


Dave - spoken like a proper gentleman!!!:rolleyes:


mean while, lets take a look at the future of Dublin bus...




...they will even cater for hungery passengers!!:-bd

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Another great piece of work GSI345, would be brilliant to see this as a commissioned model sometime.


They were brutal buses but they're some damn fine models! ADs and VAs next? Or do a P in City Imp?


Yeah, when it went over a bump, or a ramp, the whole bus would shudder, it felt like the whole thing was held together by one long rod underneath the floor as there was no give in the suspension, and if you sat near the back near where the wheel arches came up, well good luck to you if you were any way tall!


All the same, recall when they were first launched on my route and it was something to be proud of that back in the day when things like that seemed to matter and progress seemed real.


Myself & Adrian will be at the show in October i will have the models too..



Derek (GSI345)


Derek, these just for show or will you have any sale models?

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