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Creating your own Backdrop

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The difficulty of getting a backdrop that suits your particular layout especially if you are modelling an actual location is a common problem. I have found a way of getting such a backdrop.


1.You need to take overlapping photographs of the area you want to copy.


2. Download Microsoft ICE, a free program, which will stitch your photographs together giving a panoramic picture.


3. After you stitch your photographs, crop the image to reduce the height to that of your backboard, keeping it within scale.


4. Load your stitched picture onto a memory stick and go round your local High St colour printers and negotiate a deal suitable to you.


5. If you can, keep a large amount of sky in your picture. This allows you to reduce the size without losing any detail or if it is not big enough paint the top part of the backboard white/blue to simulate sky.


6. If you are competent with programs like photoshop etc. you can edit out unnecessary detail in your picture.


There are a sample of some of the photographs I took, cropped to edit out detail I did not want.








This is the result of the stitching program.




See Kirley Junction, in the Layout Section, to see how it has worked out for me so far.

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Lovely job Kirley - do you want to share where you got it printed?


Stephen, I went to a local printer in Bangor but the majority of High St Colour Printers will be able to do the same thing, but shop around as some are expensive.

You are paying for the paper roll so you should cram as much as you need into a small as possible space.

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If you, or any of the other members here for that matter want your photos stitched together, I'll happily do it for the price of a pint. If you can upload high res photos, and take loads of them, you should have a decent background panaroma, much like Kirleys, just try and avoid any foreground detail and loads of overlap on the photos. I spotted a place on the corner of Hawkins street and the quays today that does print any size, vinyl, banners, & photos, which might help the Dublin based guys. Richie.



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