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Last days of the C&L?

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Some playing around with the video function and editor.


Imagine its 1958 a group of railfans have decided to explore and chase trains on the relatively undocumented western extension of the Arigna Tramway.


Starting out at Boyle the group chase a mixed train to a crossing point with a coal special filming the arrival of the mixed and departure of the coal train with some panned shots on a roadside tramway section.



6T on the roadside section with the 12:30 Boyle-Ballinamore mixed.



6T arriving at Keadue, 3T waiting with a coalie.



3T departing.



3T on roadside section



All I need to figure out is how to improve the photo editing and add realistic sound and smoke effects :ROFL:

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It looks like Keadue slumbered through another year (apart from acting as a background for broad gauge stock!) before suddenly springing to life for a brief operating session, I thought it was as well to clean the track while vacuuming the dust off the layout.

Although we are currently down to two engines there were no problems apart from a buckled rail on the main line near the loco shed and two troublesome Tilling points on the lead to the fiddle yard! 

3T gave a good account of herself for the cavalcade of visiting enthusiasts with a train made up of C&L, CVR & T&D coaches


This scenic section has been problematical, the baseboard was too narrow to incorporate a typical C&L halt/crossing keepers house and I have been unable to resolve problems with the Tilling points leading into the fiddle yard at one end and problems with the C&L 4-4-0Ts on the sharp curve between the roadside section and the station area. 

It may be simpler to build a new wider scenic section with a roadside section and a halt on a sharp curve similar to Kiltubrid or Ballyduff than attempt a re-build, oh and replace those points in the fiddle yard!

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