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CIE Lorry Livery

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CIE dark Brunswick green, snails on doors, plus lining, all in light green. Fleet number in very small lettering as ore any suitable photos. Small weathered white patch on bottom of mudguards. Actual body, cargo-carrying bit, in grey or a greyish colour.


Number plates black with white or silver-grey numerals.


The whole thing fairly work-stained looking!

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There was a photo put up here at one stage showing a lorry somewhere about O'Connell Street about 1960 or so.


When the new liveries appeared post-1962, the lorries began to be reprinted the same time as the buses. The goods-hauling part, the trailer or flatbed sides, were a light silver grey. The cabs were black with rounded on them replacing the snail.

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Interesting, minister.... It brought back a few memories. The under chassis of those old AEC lorries was galvanized, therefore silver in colour. The trailer of the mechanical horse thing is probably green, not grey, but lorry bodies were always grey as far as I recall. The side tipper thing may have a different coloured body. All mudguards were black.

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London buses had white mudguard trims too during wartime. Only they stopped the practice when hostilities ceased.


Got the Cyril McIntyre CIE buses book for Xmas, half price at that bargain bookshop near the GPO! Has a few pics of lorries, mainly ex GSR ones that were converted into service vehicles.

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The location of that lorry photograph is on the viaduct outside Broadstone, formerly the Fosters Aqueduct in the late 1800s, when it carried a branch of the Royal Canal across the main road to a harbour where Phibsboro bus garage is now.


The original stone aqueduct dating from about 1796...




The aqueduct was later replaced by an iron bridge and road...



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CIE used AEC Mercury lorries out of Barrack St in Dundalk , in the 1960 years.

I served my mechanics apprenticeship in Dundalk from 1962 -1966 then up to Broadstone for the last year.

My weekly wage in 1962 was 49 shillings. Small money but a great place to work.

If God is good to me and allows me to work one more year, I will have completed 60 years in my trade.

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