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Strange things seen on the railways

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Mr. H Flick, your perception and intelligence are way out in front, as are your intuitive and predictive powers; as we speak, I am on my fifth of many Guinnii tonight.


Tomorrow, more mushrooms; depending on my abilities after that, a De Dietrich in GNR navy and cream is not by any means beyond the bounds of possibility.

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Glenderg, it's too late. I have accepted an invitation to become acquainted with a bottle of Zambuca. On top of Guinness, it's just as well this thing corrects my spelling. PM me your email address and I'll send it to you tomorrow - it I can remember where I filed it!


I also think a UTA liveried castle class isn't too bad looking. Uncomfortable as those dire apologies for yellow-pack trains were, they weren't as bad as the happily departed MEDs!


And that's REALLY saying something.


I have just re-read this post. It actually makes about as much sense as any of my posts (ok, I hear ye); despite the manner in which this evening, and it's imbibulatory activities, has unfolded....

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Astonishingly brilliant use of the english language given your bottled company! Having a little drop of powers meself whilst working on some supertrained honies - good times! If you find the snaps, ping them onto arrivals@glenderg.com and i'll skin them in all manner of peculiar liveries. Just don't ask for CIE green - it'll be handbags at dawn! Richie

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I wore my handbag out many eons ago while arguing that the castle class railcars, MEDs and MPDs, were the most miserable things ever to disgrace the five foot three. I lost the argument: my opponent argued that they were the least comfortable things on or off rails.


More Zambuca?


There are still 8 tins of stout in the fridge.



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