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Hi all, My name is Tony and I'm new here.


This summer I'm hoping to build a new small(ish) portable layout which I can take model railway shows.


Here is the track plan. I am trying to think of a new name for another halt, which doesn't involve cack, Bally, or donaghNIRwherebetteroffbefore1996 as my friend came up with Slive Cack with is irish for mount s**t and my other friend who hates translink came up with donaghNIRwherebetteroffbefore1996, and I basically want a name with out Bally.


The layout is based on Translink NI Railways from late 1990s to present day.


Please note: ballynawood & meganthreu can take a full 6 car set.


There will also be a fictional railway company called tonys transport who shares locomotives with Translink NI Railways and IÉ such as 206 & 222 etc on the layout.


Frist tonys transport coach: image.jpg


Wish me luck!




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Second Tonys transport coach, also in the works: image.jpg

Lima 206, class 201 with soon to be tonys transport DVT, image.jpg


Should I get a shape ways class 201 body shell and cut the two cabs off for the DVT cab? And use the middle of the 201 body shell as a scenery display at maganthreu loco shed?


Photos of current testing layout to come!

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Welcome Tony, Plan looks good. Those signs look great. Keep us posted and plenty of pics :tumbsup:


Hi Dave, Thank you for the soport, and I'll sure will keep posting pics, you don't have to worry about that, once again, thanks. :tumbsup:


Just to ask, if I where to make a DVT for the tonys transport train, would it be worth getting the 201 body shell off shape ways and cutting off the two cabs?






Testing (8)208.... And transferring 222.

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Hi Tony


Great to see you posting the development of your layout


Shapeways would be expensive, I'd go with the Kirley option. That voyager looks like it tried to get under a low bridge!




Hi murrayec,


I'm just glad you and Kirley got me on time! I would of made a massive mistake by doing that. The voyager sure does look like it went under a low bridge for sure, maybe the one up near city hospital, Belfast? :P


And thanks for the great comment by away... (Sersiually, why can't other forms be like this??)



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You can make a DVT using a Bachmann Virgin Voyager and Plasticard. A 201 kit from SSM helps to finish it off. This is one I did in 2010.






Hi Kirley, the DD looks amazing! And thanks for the tip, you just saved me a lot of money.

I'll defiantly do it the Kirley way with a bit of a mix ( maybe voyager lights etc...)

Once again, thanks.



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Hi all, this is the final track plan, and note that Holyfast D.M.U Depot will not have a shed, as if any maintenance is needed to one of the units, it will be taken up to meganthreu loco depot, weather it will be dragged or under its own power.


I will only have 3 D.M.U's / Railcar's.

They will be the following:

-class 166 painted into the new 29000 livery to represent the 29000

-class 170 painted into the c4k livery to represent the c4k

-class 80 in redbull.


I will also have three loco hauled trains (passenger)

- Enterprise DD (New 2014/2015 livery)

-TNIR DD (see link: Northern Ireland Railways: 'De Dietrich' Driving Van Trailer (fiction) )

-Tonys Transport Express (costume coaches with a costume D.V.T)


Does anyone think i should redo my lima class 201, No. 206 which i got on eBay for £30.00 into a stobart rail 201??

(See Link: Stobart Rail, Ireland: 201 Class Diesel Locomotive (fiction) )


Now, back to subject! Here's the final track plan....

track plan.png



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Hi Tony


Looks a great layout, I was just thinking the same thing- you have some tight points turns there as BosKonay noted, get your layout into some track plan program and see what happens!


The stobart rail 201 looks great, I'd do it, but remember its fictional



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I would agree with the lads Tony, get Anyrail its a very easy to use software and they have plenty of video tutorials. The full version is around €40. I use it to design my customers layouts and it really puts it into perspective.

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Hi all,


The track plan I did was using Anyrail 5 free trail, I most try to scale it out like you all said.


And I just want to say thank you so much for the help that you given so there.


I most move some points, as like you all said, there a bi tight.


I just found out last night why I don't make many timetables (fictnal ones)



If you look at the two TNIR services to Portadown, the second one leaves near enough 1/2 after the frist one, then it gets mixed up, oh well.


I also designed the control panel last night using MS Paint.





Ps, I will make changes to the track plan, and my Lima 201 enterprise will become stobart 201.



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  • 3 months later...

Hi All.

Tony here from Tonys Transport.


I will no longer be doing Meganthreu as the portable layout but as a main layout in a few years time.

Now, you may be asking, "What is that buck-idiot doing?" Well, I have decided that due to space & my love for Translink NI Railways, I will be building Adelaide railcar depot along with the main line that passes it for the portable layout. The depot can be seen by the public on the layout, while both ends of the main line (With regular TT & Translink NI Railways \ Enterprise services) will head in into a "fiddle yard"/ shunting yard.


I will upload photos of rolling stock & layout progress & hope you all enjoy it :)


Next part:

The 201 No. 206 I was going do in stobart rail livery is no longer working as I did buy it off eBay of a winning bid of £30.00. But it did work fine when I first got it though, it just needed a over kill running in sassion.

As due to it not working, I have decided to put it in Royal Train (RT) Livery (the same livery carried by GM EMD / Alstom class 67 No 67006). She will be sitting in the Gunnis" siding beside ex-Iarnód Éireann mk3s that have been done up in RT livery (basically hornby RT mk3s & new Iarnód Éireann logos on doors).


Thank you for your time.


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Hi all, Tony here.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got the two Tonys transport DVTs planned (livery etc)


The top one is a regauged Intercity 225 DVT named Jonathan. She does the Tonys Transport Belfast - Meganthreu express which passes Adelaide. She can be sometimes been seen doing the Bangor-Dublin Connolly Express runs or the Derry\Londonderry - Cork Runs via Dublin Houston. All though she is ex-intercity 225 and can do 225kmh, she won't be on any of her routes in Ireland. Her max speed permitted is 115mph in Ireland.


The Second one is a custom DD DVT named Morgan. She does the Tonys Transport run from Derry\Londonderry - Cork via the Antrim branch & Dublin Houston otherwise if it's the second service (Every second service goes via Belfast & Meganthreu & not the Antrim Branch), she does Cork via Dublin Houston. She also does the other two routes time to time.

Her train like the other TT express trains is a carpartment train which explains why the odd door arrangement.

Her max speed is also 115mph but can do 125mph.




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Hey Tony is that 201 you bought on ebay a lima? if so take the body off and check the wire on the trailing bogie as these tend to break off and loco stops working..... Colin. p.s. ive had a couple like that.....

Hello Colin, I've sold the 201 to a friend (he still owns me £15), but before I sold it on, I did check inside, the only wires there was to the motors, no bulbs, no lights, no wires ( apart from pick up ones) and one motor. My friend is hoping to respray her into 8208 in nir blue and will be putting in a new motor (Lima/hornby) and may be adding lights to her.


Tony :)

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Hello, all.

I just made this for fun today, let me know if you like it or not.


This trail service will stop at the following stations;

Derry ~ Londonderry,













Dublin Connelly,

Dublin Houston,




Limerick Junction,



& Cork kent.

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