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Bachmann press release on RM Web

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Companies like Dapol can produce models in England and are not bad on price. As costs in China go up some models could be made in the UK or Eire in the

future perhaps. And there would be no shipping costs.


I think this paragraph from the post on RM Web pretty much rules that out, unfortunately...


Asking the question about whether UK production would ever be viable solicited a response that they'd looked at bringing undecorated wagons into the UK for tampo printing and it would have resulted in wagons nearer the £20 mark, in fact to produce a loco such as the A1 would mean a price around £250.
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Regardless of wage rises in China part of the issue is Kader's (Bachmanns) dominant position controlling most of the model railway manufacturing capacity. Hornby and other commissioners supply issues are mainly as a result of Kader buying out and shutting down the competition.

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