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murphys bachmann and new cars

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I was sitting here watching my nearly new second hand murphy 141 purring gently around my nowhere near finished track and i realised something. These Murphy bachmanns are so bl☺☺dy good they are like your first new car. Once you have driven a Murphy, all my clapped out old sentimental br trains just arent as nice to drive! Not saying i would sell em for scrap like that oul fiesta... but you know what i mean....

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Seanw12 see if you can test loco on a section of track and see if problem is still there and if it is it will be the loco if it runs ok then its your track.


My 071 and 201 don't do the same as the 141 on the same section of track

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The MM babies are for me in the top 5 of 1/76 (Irish or UK) models released in the last 10 years. The babies and the 121's were my favorite prototypes and to have 2 of the 3 classes in model form built too an exceptionally high standard is fantastic. As the OP has said they are fantastic runners.



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Are the 071 s and the 201s as good to run ? I feel an addiction coming on.......... oh oh


The 071s are just as good but some 201s need a bit of running in and even then they are not as smooth as the legacy locos imo. I did notice speed differences in some of the early release 071s. When I was running in 082 and 112, I found 082 to accelerate a bit faster and run at a higher speed for the same power setting than 112 did. But they ran great out of the box and didn't require running in at all.

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