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Bill's layout

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Hi guys,


few pics of my layout , I was on the old site way way back when posted a few pics of the layout as it was back then. I ended up ripping the whole layout apart shortly after that post and relaying all the track-work again and getting rid of a planned upper level which looked gammy.



The layout is a run around the wall of my attic taking up about three quarters of the attic. The track-work is now set pretty much except for one section I'm not happy with coming out of the main station . I'm doing the scenery and ballasting on the track funds permitting. Some of the track and the main station building is a donation from the son of a man who had a layout of Limerick junction and Colbert station in upstairs of his business here in Limerick. When he died I helped take the layout apart....not a good day.


My Hornby controller died about 2 years back and as I was planning the layout there was no push to buy a new one so I've got a Digitraks DCC controller on order and going digital so know I've to plan the wiring and start converting my locos to DCC.



Its still a work in progress and about 75% complete , the trains on the layout are test trains for the most part as I check clearance with platforms and points.


I'm running Irish rail, British rail , Canadian Pacific freight, Toronto GO transit communter , Canadian VIA rail and Amtrak trains so its a right mongrel of a layout. I've my old Lima BR class 33 that my parents bought for me back in the 70's still running so that will be going digital as well. Should be fun :)









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Hi billyboy & welcome, back or otherwise, damm fine layout you have there, keep the pics coming, are you working to a particular plan or is it something you have been planning, & I love your attitude anything that will run on your tracks, then so be it, let them run, & enjoy every minute, no borders here



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Thanks for the comments guys, its much appreciated.


@Burnthebox ...phew an overall plan . I kind of had one on the initial design but my woodworking skills(My father built the benchwork) and tools on the initial build were truly woeful plus the plan proved impractical. Over time I bought in better gear , refined the layout plan , relayed track , pulled it up , tried a new layout or a new section . Ye are seeing about 5-6 years of effort to get me to this point. Lots of sitting down looking at the layout, thinking about it, leaving it for a few days\weeks\ months as the real world intruded. The fuel depot took about three years to build yet again work and children got in the way.


The slightly elevated section on the double track took about a month with track alignment as my North American rolling stock tended to derail or uncouple on the climb up.


Wiring is my next challenge on the DCC side.


Been a lot of fun so far though.



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