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Premier League 2014-15 Season

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It starts tomorrow anyone want to make any predictions for the winners. I have a sneaky feeling that Arsenal could do it this season. They have bought well in the summer and I think Sanchez could be the catalyst for them this season. Winning the FA Cup last season should make them push on for more success this come May 2015.



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Arsenal desperately need a defensive midfielder, a better goalscorer and Ramsey to stay fit. Don't get the fawning over United either. They have a a good manager and Herrera is an upgrade but their defence as it stands is even worse than last season.


Between Chelsea and City for me and it'll come down whose strikers can bang in the most. Both will be rock solid defensively like last season. Arsenal and my beloved LFC fighting for 3rd and 4th (provided Sturridge stays fit, otherwise LFC will finish outside the Champions League places.


Should be a great season though!

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Pah Fran. You're not acknowledging the "Kerr" factor.


Those that were known during the World Cup commentary as "Yer Man Delaney" who's name is actually Marouane Fellaini suggests many goals, he needs a haircut via hedge cutter, and united to win league, fa cup, and a purple rinse.

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