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Train Spotting Hobby

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Dunluce Castle

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They're not the same. 'Train spotter' is a cover all term used by the general public and the mass media...even if number-taking isn't your bag at all.


People like to taking photos, making models (garden railways/layouts/live steam/model engineering), researching history, travelling over different lines or line bashing if you will, haulage bashing, volunteering on heritage railways, collecting memorabilia...all this can't be pigeon-holed into 'Train spotting'.

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Some years ago, I was catching a train at midnight and there was a chap there who had clearly been at it since way back in the days of steam. He had notebooks, cameras, etc, and a clear idea of what was about to pass through the six-platform station, positioning himself exactly in the best place for each one. On one occasion, he went right down to one end of the platform I was waiting on and a ballast train trundled through at about 5mph a few minutes later. He walked slowly along side it, talking into what I presumed to be a mobile phone, but as he passed me it became clear that it was a dictaphone and he was dictating the wagon numbers into it, in order to write them down properly later on....

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