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Should be " what's happening TO the network

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Was in Waterford yesterday, visiting my mum , stopped in to look at station holy god

What left, a single track now at the platform. Even the centre track is disconnected. Which means it looks like they can't use the long main platform for trains.


Nothing but track lifted everywhere you look. You get the feeling IR is abandoning more then just the L-W line !


I notice with the new fairs. You can get from limerick to Galway via wrc for5.99. The round trip limerick Waterford is 24.99. Two trains a day , upto 1 hour delays at LJ, still no Sunday service. Hey what do you know, poor passenger numbers , lets **** it down.


Could the minister not just kill off IR instead.

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I think that you will find that movements at Waterford are now controlled from Waterford West signal box and that the only passenger line is the old platform 5 - platforms 3/4 are for freight to Belview. Even the Emerald Isle Express didn't actually use these platforms, it only stood there for photographic purposes!


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Apparently the current situation is "temporary" pending works on the cliff face. They ve been playing around with the layout/track arrangements for months at this stage just wish they settle on one plan and get on with it :( . One of the local cllr's is actually calling for the station to be moved to Sallypark!!!!!

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A retaining wall needs to be built before passenger trains can use the main platforms once again.


Is this a case of H&S lunacy or are there actual serious problems with the cliff face (i.e. massive boulders falling down rather than mere 1ft rocks)? Should do what the swiss railways do, just clip the rock face in inexpensive chicken wire, instead of insanely expensive concrete structures that are totally over engineered.

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