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By that stage, the black'n'tan "A" class locos were tending to look very work-weary, and when 001 appeared instead of A1R (!) in the orange and black, it looked so completely new and fresh!


The black roof soon gave way on other repaints to orange, though obviously in traffic it tried its best to go back to black!


I know that some others like the more modern livery where the white lining shows off the black and orange to effect but I really like the Supertrain livery. There's something plain but strong about it at the same time

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I would agree, Dive. Like its black'n'tan predecessor, it was a very bold and strong corporate image,way ahead of its time.


Fifty-odd years on, black'n'tan (or supertrain) liveries would still look well on, say, an ICR - or even a 2600.


The Enterprise livery(ie's), by contrast, don't have the same enduring effect, and the lime & navy, or 2-tone green of the dreadful 29's is worse.

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The Black and Tan and Supertrain styling was almost pure GM with the use of strikingly contrasting colours.


I wonder was the Swedish design firm that came up with the Black and Tan colour scheme influenced by the Norwegian GM demonstrators

or was CIE still hankering after an American style streamliner after GSR/CIE senior management visited the states in the 1940s.


At one stage it was planned to operate the Dublin-Waterford & Dublin-Limerick via Nenagh services with MK2D push pull fitted sets.


I always thought that a 6-7 car set topped and tailed with a pair of rebuilt baby Metrovicks similar to the Enterprise would have speeded up these services and made a nice pocket streamliner.

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Well, if they didn't like driving the 121s engine first they'd really not have liked that GM version with the cab centrally!


The CIE would probably have ended up with G12s in place of the A Class & G8 in place of C Class if I had gone to GM in place of Metrovick in the 50s.


In the early 50s GM also submitted a proposal to supply G8s to the GNR & UTA the light weight GL8 (121 & Victoria Railways T) did not appear until the early 60s.

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