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Proposed Layout

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Proposed Layout Dec 14.pdf


Note sure if the attachment worked (its a pdf) but here goes. Its a proposed layout at design stage. Basically its three tail chasing loops with various sidings and each siding serving a specific purpose. Loops 1 and 2 have rising and falling gradients while loop 3 is flat . The overall size is 4.6x2.3m its all I could get after extensive negotiations with her in doors.


Id be interested to hear opinions on gradients, the proposal will be 1/30 (3.3%) which should give me 80mm clearance over a length of 2400mm, i've tried gradients before and my MM models managed them fine, other models had difficulty. One of the gradients will be on a curve which may cause issues.


The theme will be freight/industrial so there will be no acres of green field and grazing animals, but is it too dense? The design considerations were the available size and my existing rolling stock. It will evolve and im sure the final result will be completely different, but you have to start somewhere.


I've never build scenery, wired points/lighting, scratch built buildings, so this is going to take a while, so if you dont hear from me you know what im at. :confused:

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That's a fairly compressive layout plan, are your planning any particular era, I'm assuming it will be Irish?


It'll be the 70s/80s era 141,181,071,class C, irish cement bubbles, waterford plank wagons, cravens. It wont be happening soon and it will take a while so dont hold your breath!!

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I want that layout! I'd have some fun 'playing trains' on that!!!! Christ! there is some amount of track points on it!! Can't wait to see this one develope good luck!

No more than I want it, I can imagine days & nights without sleep just enjoying keeping trains, lot's of them running on it & no crashes, WOW

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.... It wont be happening soon and it will take a while so dont hold your breath!!


I know the feeling.


I like the plan. Looks like there'll be a bit of everything on it. Running long trains and shunting. Looking forward to seeing it develop. Good luck with it.

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