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For a minute there Northman, I thought you had run off with the bargin of the year from Stillorgan, same seller has a "rare" waiting room, £9.99 I'd call it a coincidence as I have at least 2 !!!

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£99.99 plus £7.15 postage; that is to say £107.14, or about €145. For one used wagon.


Can someone explain to a simpleton like me, what exactly is supposed to be going on here? Is this "payday loan" stuff, where you can borrow one cheap looking toy wagon, provided you pay back 500 brand new Murphy Models 201s in pristine condition? Does anyone at all actually pay money like this for an item like this?


If so, I'll go through my neighbour's dustbin, sell the contents at €1000 an item, and retire.


On another note, looking at the above picture, when did the SLNCR paint wagons brown and black, or CIE paint wagon chassis black? Answer: not during their entire history......

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