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Chevrons Learning curve

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So i haven't modelled or done kits or even painted anything in 20+ years when i was into air-fix

Was always terrible at it.


now that i have some stock and paints Thanks to jhb171achill


i started to break down and repaint a cheap MK1 i got from the start of the model railway village magazine last year or so.


This is what it looked like gallery_19875_2879_7705.jpg


And this is how its starting to look now



Yes its based off the CIE colours but not strictly to the design as i dont think they had MK1's. i wouldnt even know an mk1 if i saw one in the flesh. i only know because of the magezine lol but to the un"train"ed eye like mine its looks like it could be CIE.






In the first repaint job you can see where the white leaked and black was stripped off the body by the masking tape.


That was fixed for the second shot

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So i started a diorama to get me learning about modelling instead of doing all garden related stuff.


Started off with a mdf base built up with cardboard and masking tape. this i later found out is a BAD idea




As can be seen from this the front will have a canal with a little walkway then a hill up to the tracks. then some low relief background

Also my first ever attempt to ballast. this is were i found out cardboard and masking tape was a bad idea.

with the 50/50 pva and water mix seeping through the ballast down to the tape and cardboard. lifted the tape - Repaired with a staple gun lol



Using some varnish for the water

then some wills kit wall for the canal wall.

chalk off a kids big a dino toy for the walkway and ground cover from the railway model village magazine.

The arch background was from a free download of a card kit from wordsworth railway website.





With the mix of wagons i had i decided i wanted to try get a few the same or close as and i liked the look of the ews one i had.

I noticed i had 2 more wagons with the same sides so used them to "try" make more EWS ones.


paint is a bit darker and glossier than the real one but they will do.

Just need to try dull down and get transfers for the 2 newly painted wagons




so a productive few days a lot of learning learnt :)

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if a first you dont succeed try and try and try and try and try and try again.


Attempted to repaint my calledonian belle to the union pacific type colours.




decals and transfers would help with this. not great but its ok for a first attempt.

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There is a lot to be said for decals.




Makes a bit of a difference.


Pity i haven't learnt to paint yet lol


Its funny the thing you learn and how you learn them.

If it wasn't for the decals i would never had know that the shape of the number 3 changed from straight top to curved top.

my eyes need more training lol.

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