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Tutorial Request Thread

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We approach that time of year when the attic beckons and wives take to evening classes that baffle and confuse in equal measure.


Are there any things that folk would like help with?


I'm thinking of doing one on masking tape ( settle down with the excitement)


Would Love to hear from some of the lurkers on this, see if we can get some of the specialists to offer their experiences. R.

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Hi richie


Would it be possible to do a tutorial on the ssm ammonia wagon,

Something similar to the one you did on the 42' flat wagon.

It's a great kit, but i have no experience working with brass

Or superglue.my last kit was 40 years ago,I suppose in my case

And maybe a few others a picture paints a thousand words.

Many thanks in advance.



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Great stuff richie really looking forward to your invaluable help,would this also include priming/painting what to use

And how to apply decals properly ,not looking for much am I lol,


Next tutorial from anyone ? Uploading photos haven't a clue, would like to share my progress , but please be gentle

With me not a bit tech savvy MPEG JPEG jag Ncis it's all the same to me,would like to know how to do this in

Laymans terms. Thanks to all in advance.



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