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My new switcher- Bachmann Alco RS 2

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Well lads Christmas came early and the wife let me but this in from Hattons, even with the exchange rate it was value for money. Its the Bachmann Alco RS2, It was DCC ready so I put in a chip and it runs like a charm , great level of detail as well.


I was having problems getting the bigger 6 axle engines into the yard as they occasionally jumped the points.


Problem solved with this beauty.







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There is one preserved at at the Texas State Railroad. I was there last week for a Polar Express special but did not get a photo of the Alco (maybe next year). I believe that the Canadian ones were made at Montreal Locomotive Works but some made by the American Locomotive company were exported north of the border.


However, there is a video of her on YouTube


Incidentally, that may be an S-2, although I'm open to correction as I don't model US outline. Nice model though

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Billyboy's loco looks more like an S2 rather than an RS2


The S2 was a pure switching loco restricted to low speed work, the RS2&3 was the first of the modern road switchers suitable for both switching and line haul work.



The S2 is an end cab design without a short hood, runs on "Blunt" trucks and has a different engine to the RS2 & RS3 classes

The early Alco diesel road switchers, freight and passenger locos were plagued by engine troubles and Alco lost market share to General Motors and later General Electric.


Most of the Canadian Alcos were built in Montreal, North American production of Alcos shifted to Montreal when the US plant shut down during the late 196os.

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Just an update on the Alco S2, Its a great little runner, love the bloody thing and shunting is great stress relief after a day at work. I noticed though that it tends to struggle with more that 6 or 7 wagons behind it...prototypical?


Bu that gave me an idea to use my Athearn Via Rail F7B unit as a booster unit.Its a dummy unit I bought in Canada back in 2001 so I've track down an F7A unit with a motor and swap the body shell.Common practise in the real world?



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